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Born in a childboom period in a high strict Roman Catholic family, he grew up with the strict ethical values and standards and became an acolyte. Already at the age of six he wanted to become a priest, but celibacy did not attract him. Also he found many things like blasphemy in the implementation of the Catholic faith.

In the sixties due to his second career choice Marcus Ampe had to encounter a lot of difficulties. He continued and worked as a professional dancer-choreographer (as Iljits Petsjenko) and later went to teach. Now he is retired and works part time at the Brussels airport.

His extensive dance archive was transferred to the Flemish Theater Institute (VTI).

About his faith he went church shopping and in the seventies came to the non trinitarian Baptists. But because of shifts to the trinitarian believe many Baptists fled the Baptist movement and found their way to the Witnesses of Jehovah, Church of God, Nazarene Friends and other non-trinitarian churches.

After a near second death experience (1999) Marcus Ampe did a thorough investigation about God and faith. After thorough study, he went on to join the nontrinitarian Brothers in Christ and became a Christadelphian.

Now he continues to deepen his studies in the faith and seek others to bring to this belief to which he fully endorses.

He is responsible for the development of the web pages of the Belgian Christadelphians.

There are the main website and the support groups in addition to his personal space.

  1. Marcus ' Space
  2. Stepping Toes
  3. Belgian Christadelphians - Belgische Broeders in Christus
  4. Christadelphian Ecclesia
  5. Broeders in Christus
  6. Broeders in Christus (on Google)
  7. Christadelphia
  8. Hoop tot Leven - Redding door Christus Jezus
  9. Bijbelvorsers.blogspot.com 

Marcus Ampe works also as moderator for:

religie.START.BE: A listing of sites in Belgium on Religion

christen.START.BE: Christian sites in Belgium

protestants.START.BE: Protestant sites in Belgium