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Peer-reviewed manuscripts


Rius M, Clusella-Trullas S, McQuaid CD, Navarro R, Griffiths CL, Matthee CA, von der Heyden S, Turon X. Range expansions across ecoregions: interactions of climate change, physiology and genetic diversity (under review)

Rius M
Potter EE, Aguirre JD, Stachowicz JJ. Mechanisms of biotic resistance across complex life cycles (
under review

Rius M, Teske PR. Cryptic diversity in coastal Australasia: a morphological and mito-nuclear genetic analysis of habitat-forming sibling species (under review)

Ordóñez V, Pascual M, Rius M, Turon X. Mixed but not admixed: A spatial analysis of genetic variation of an invasive ascidian on natural and artificial substrates (under review)


Appeltans W, et al. Rius Met al. The magnitude of global marine species diversity. Current Biology 22: 2189-2202 pdf

Pineda MC, McQuaid CD, Turon X, López-Legentil S, Ordóñez V, Rius MTough adults, frail babies: an analysis of stress sensitivity across early life-history stages of widely introduced marine invertebrates. PLoS ONE 7: e46672 pdf

Rius M, Shenkar N. Ascidian introductions through the Suez Canal: The case study of an Indo-Pacific species. Marine Pollution Bulletin 64: 2060–2068 pdf

Rius M, Turon X, Ordóñez V, Pascual MTracking invasion histories in the sea: facing complex scenarios using multilocus data. PLoS ONE 
7: e35815 pdf


Rius M, Heasman KG, McQuaid CD. Long-term coexistence of non-indigenous species in aquaculture facilities. Marine Pollution Bulletin 62: 2395-2403 pdf

Mead A, Carlton JT, Gr

iffiths CL, Rius M

Introduced and cryptogenic marine and estuarine species of South Africa. Journal of Natural History 
45: 2463–2524 pdf

Teske PR, Rius MMcQuaid CD, Styan CA, Piggott MP, Benhissoune S, Fuentes-Grunewald C, Walls K, Page M, Attard CRM, Cooke GM, McClusky CF, Banks SC, Barker NP, Beheregaray LB. 'Nested' cryptic species in a widespread marine ecosystem engineer: a challenge for detecting biological invasions. BMC Evolutionary Biology 11: 176 pdf 

Mead A, Carlton JT, Gr

iffiths CL, Rius M

Revealing the scale of marine bioinvasions in developing regions: a South African re-assessment. Biological Invasions 

13: 1991–2008 pdf

Rius M, Teske PR. A revision of the Pyura stolonifera species complex (Tunicata, Ascidiacea), with a description of a new species from Australia. Zootaxa 

2754: 27-40 pdf 


Rius M, Branch GM, Griffiths CL, Turon X. Larval settlement behaviour in six gregarious ascidians in relation to adult distribution. Marine Ecology Progress Series 418: 151-163 pdf

Rius M, Turon X, Dias GM, Marshall DJ. Propagule size effects across multiple life-history stages in a marine invertebrate. Functional Ecology 24: 685-693 pdf 


Agell G, Rius M, Pascual M. Isolation and characterization of eight polymorphic microsatellite loci for the Mediterranean gorgonian Paramuricea clavata. Conservation Genetics 10: 2025–2027 pdf

Rius M, Pineda MC, Turon X. Population dynamics and life cycle of the introduced ascidian Microcosmus squamiger in the Mediterranean Sea. Biological Invasions 11: 2181–2194 pdf

Rius M, McQuaid CD. Facilitation and competition between invasive and indigenous mussels over a gradient of physical stress. Basic and Applied Ecology 10: 607–613 pdf

Rius M, Turon X, Marshall DJ. Non-lethal effects of an invasive species in the marine environment: the importance of early life-history stages. Oecologia 159: 873–882 pdf


Rius M, Turon X, Pascual M. Isolation of polymorphic microsatellite loci for the marine invader Microcosmus squamiger. Molecular Ecology Resources 8: 1405–1407 pdf

Rius M, Pascual M, Turon X. Phylogeography of the widespread marine invader Microcosmus squamiger (Ascidiacea) reveals high genetic diversity of introduced populations and non-independent colonizations. Diversity and Distributions 14: 818–828 pdf

Rius M, Zabala M. Are Marine Protected Areas useful for the recovery of the Mediterranean mussel populations? Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 18: 527–540 pdf


Rius M. The effect of protection on fish populations in the Ses Negres Marine Reserve (NW Mediterranean, Spain). Scientia Marina 71: 499-504 pdf 

Turon X, Nishikawa T, Rius M. Spread of Microcosmus squamiger (Ascidiacea: Pyuridae) in the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent waters. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 342: 185-188 pdf


Zardi GI, Nicastro KR, McQuaid CD, Rius M, Porri F. Hydrodynamic stress and habitat partitioning between indigenous (Perna perna) and invasive (Mytilus galloprovincialis) mussels: constraints of an evolutionary strategy. Marine Biology 150: 79-88 pdf

Rius M, McQuaid CD. Wave action and competitive interaction between the invasive mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis and the indigenous Perna perna in South Africa. Marine Biology 150: 69-78 pdf

Rius M, Kaehler S, McQuaid CD. The relationship between human exploitation pressure and condition of mussel populations along the south coast of South Africa. South African Journal of Science 102: 130-136 pdf


Robinson TB, Griffiths CL, McQuaid CD, Rius M. Marine alien species of South Africa - status and impacts. African Journal of Marine Science 27: 297-306 pdf


Rius M, Cabral HN. Human harvesting of Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819, on the central coast of Portugal. Scientia Marina 68: 545-551 pdf

Book Chapters


Rius M

, Gr

iffiths CL. Sea squirts. In: Alien & Invasive Animals: A South African Perspective. Eds. Picker M & Griffiths CL. Struik Nature. pp. 71-75 pdf


Rius M. An invasive ascidian. Història Natural dels Països CatalansEnciclopèdia Catalana. p. 192 pdf