On-going projects

My on-going projects:

Revision of Logic: a pragmatist proposal (CNPq project)

Paraconsistency and Expressivism in Estoic Logic, with Aldo Dinucci

Translation: Ramsey's Propositions and facts (1927), with Tiago Magalhães

Translation: Brandom's Untimely Review to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit (2008)

Translation: Windelband's Beitraege zur Lehre vom Negativen Urtheil (1921)

Translation: Loewenheim's Einkleidung der Mathematik in Schroederschen Relativkalkul (1940), with Petrucio Viana and Leandro Suguitani

Translation: Stekeler's Sprachphilosophie: Eine Einfuehrung (2014)