Philosophie macht Spaß!

"Schon warnt mich was, dass ich dabei nicht bleibe. 
Mir hilft der Geist! Auf einmal seh ich Rat 
Und schreibe getrost: Im Anfang war die Tat!" 
Goethe, Faust, Teil 1, 3. Szene

    Hi, my name is Marcos Silva. I am currently Associate Professor at the Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil. 

    My work deals mainly with Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Language and Wittgenstein’s Philosophy. I already presented some topics of my research in several countries, such as Portugal, Italy, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany and England. In 2017, I received the FULBRIGHT JUNIOR FACULTY MEMBER AWARD. 

My PhD thesis in Philosophy was supervised by Luiz Carlos Pereira at the PUC-Rio, Brazil, and by Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer at the Universität Leipzig, Germany.

    My areas of competence (AoC) are: analytic philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophical logic, non-classical logics, epistemology, normativity and philosophy of mind; my areas of specialization (AoS) are: philosophy and history of logic and Wittgenstein's philosophy. 

    I have also great interest in several anti-realist philosophers as Kant, Schopenhauer, Brouwer, Weyl, Lorenzen, Dummet, Prawitz and Brandom.

                                                                                                                                                    "Tudo é real, porque tudo é inventado" Guimarães Rosa

    I am a member of ALFA-n (Latin American Society for Analytic Philosophy), SBFA (Brazilian Society for Analytic Philosophy) and ALWS (Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society).

From 2013 until 2015,  while I held a post doc position, I regularly contributed to the teaching of the Bachelor and Master programmes in philosophy at the Federal University of Ceará, Brazil. From October 2013 until February 2014 (Wintersemester), I was a visiting researcher at the Universität Leipzig, Germany, where I conducted courses on the Colour Exclusion Problem with Ingolf Max.

"It must go further still: that soul must become its own betrayer, its own deliverer, the one activity, the mirror turn lamp."  William Yeats

My Curriculum Vitae:

Here is my updated CV (Stand: Aug 2017).
My CNPq Lattes CV (in Portuguese) (Stand: Aug 2017).
My Academia account (with my papers, talks, reviews and translations). 

My organisational experience:

Here is a selection of some recent international events which I helped to organize (in cooperation with PenCogLing and LOGIA):

  1. IV Conference of the Brazilian Society for Analytic Philosophy (with John Perry, Ernst Sosa, Lucas Angioni, Marco Ruffino) (Campinas, 2016)
  2. Philosophy of non-classical logics: Towards problems of paraconsistency & paracompleteness (with Graham PriestWalter CarnielliDiderik Batens and Ingolf Max) (in V World Congress on Universal Logic, Istanbul, 2015)
  3. 2nd International Colloquium on Colours and Numbers: How Colours Matter for Philosophy (Fortaleza. 2015)
  4. 1st International Workshop towards New Perspectives in Epistemology (Fortaleza, 2015)
  5. On the contructivist philosophy and logic of Erlangen School (with Stekeler-Weithofer) (Fortaleza, 2015)
  6. III WLOGIA (with Graham PriestJean Yves BeziauJoão Marcos and Luiz Carlos Pereira) (Fortaleza, 2015) 
  7. IV WLOGIA (with Heinrich Wansing) (Fortaleza, 2015)

My editorial experience:

Book: "How Colours Matter for Philosophy", Springer Nature, to be published in a series directed by Otavio Bueno (under contract)

Special issue on Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics (co-edited with Andre Leclerc and Joelma Marques) 
Journal "Argumentos" -  Federal University of Ceará, Brazil
(Ano 5 - N°.10 jul./dec. - 2013)

Journal "Argumentos" - Federal University of Ceará, Brazil
(Ano 7 - No. 13 - jan/jun -  2015)

My next conferences:


Academic visit to City University of New York (13th, New York)
Academic visit to University of Miami (3rd, Miami)
Acadmic visit to FIU (2nd, Miami)

Work in Progress Graduate Seminar (12th, Pittsburgh)

III International Colloquium on Colours and Numbers: ways of enacting (with Daniel Hutto and Erik Myin)  (11th-13th, Fortaleza)

Academic visit to UFPE (21th, Recife)
The X Principia International Symposium (14th-17th, Florianópolis)
V SILC (with Otavio Bueno) (10-11th, Maceió)

V Encontro do Grupo Subjetividade no Pensamento Contemporâneo (27-30th, Feira de Santana)

Talk to Brazilian Center for Research in Physics (CBPF, 19th Rio de Janeiro)
EBL (8th-12th, Pirenópolis, Goias)

Academic visit to PUC-Rio (7th, Rio de Janeiro)
Academic visit to UFF (10th, Rio de Janeiro)

Federal University of Sergipe (Aracaju, 9th-10th); two talks: 1) towards material incompatibilities (contradiction x contrarities); 2) Middle Wittgenstein's constructivism
Federal University of Bahia (Salvador - 30th-31th): Workshop on Analytic Philosophy (SBFA's meeting)

III SILC (14th, Maceió)
Clinamen (9th, Maceió)

Recepção dos calouros (Maceió - 19th-20th): Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion (with Deyvisson Barbosa e Marco Antonio)


II Seminário Interno sobre Linguagem e Cognição - II SILC (9th, Maceió) (with William Piauí and Aldo Dinucci)

Why Rules Matter: workshop on topics addressed in J. Peregrin's recent book on inferentialism (2-4th, Prague)
Vorträge WiSe 2016-17 (Uni Leipzig)Games, rules and agreements to understand logical pluralism (7th, Leipzig)

ANPOF (17th-21th, Aracaju)
III Encontro do Grupo de Linguagem e Cognição (24th-26th)

II Semana Nacional de Filosofia (28th-30th, Maceió)



III Colóquio de Filosofia da Linguagem da Universidade Federal de Sergipe (25th-29th, Aracaju)

V WLOGIA (Fortaleza)


NAT@Logic (Natal)
OFA - Oficina de Filosofia Analítica (Fortaleza)

IV WLOGIA (with Heinrich Wansing, Fortaleza)

My on-going projects:

Review to Engelmann (2013)

Book  "How Colours Matter for Philosophy", project accepted by Springer, in a series directed by Otavio Bueno.
Book "Colours in Wittgenstein's philosophical development", project accepted by Palgrave.

Translation: Ramsey's Propositions and facts (1927), with Tiago Magalhães
Translation: Brandom's Untimely Review to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit (2008)
Translation: Windelband's Beitraege zur Lehre vom Negativen Urtheil (1921)
Translation: Loewenheim's  Einkleidung der Mathematik in Schroederschen Relativkalkul (1940), with Petrucio Viana and Leandro Suguitani
Translation: Stekeler's Sprachphilosophie: Eine Einfuehrung (2014)

For any questions, please contact me at: marcossilvarjATgmailDOTcom

Both this site and its author are under permanent construction!

"Denn Bleiben ist nirgends" 
Rainer Maria Rilke, Duineser Elegien

"Ist unbekannt Gott? Ist er offenbar wie der Himmel? Dieses glaub'ich eher. Der Menschen Maß ist's. Voll Verdienst, doch dichterisch wohnet der Mensch auf dieser Erde. Doch reicher ist nicht der Schatten der Nacht mit den Sternen, wenn ich so sagen könnte, als der Mensch, der heißet ein Bild der Gottheit. Gibt es auf Erden ein Maß? Es gibt keines. (...) Leben ist Tod, und Tod ist auch ein Leben."
Friedrich Hölderlin, In lieblicher Bläue