Current employment: Post-doc, Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, Munich.

Education: PhD, Economics (2017), Universidad Carlos III, Madrid.

Research Interests: game theory, contests, political economy and bounded rationality.

Contact:, +49.89.24246.5259, marco.serena4 (Skype)

Please, find here my CV and my GoogleScholar.

Working Papers

"Harnessing Beliefs to Stimulate Efforts in Contests", (R&R, Economic Theory)

"Level-k Models Rationalize Overspending in Contests", with Malin Arve

"Properties of Contests", with Luis Corchón

"Successful Opaque Management"

"A Level-k Theory for Private Information Games"

"Biasing Unbiased Dynamic Contests", with Stefano Barbieri

"Winners' Efforts in Team Contests", with Stefano Barbieri


"Complete Information Pivotal-Voter Model with Asymmetric Group Size", with Christos Mavridis

2018, Public Choice, 177, 53–66. [WP]

"Sequential Contests Revisited"

2017, Public Choice, 173, 131-144. [WP]

"Quality Contests"

2017, European Journal of Political Economy, 46, 15-25. [WP]

Chapters in books

"Contests Theory: a Survey", with Luis Corchón

2018, Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization, Edward Elgar. [WP]