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Computer Engineering Final Projects supervised
(in reverse date order)
  • Optimizing the planning of salesmen visits to customers in CCC, Ana Cristina González Larsson (06.04.2011) [in collaboration with CCC]. Co-supervisor: Dr. A. Sedeño-Noda.
  • Health Management of Medical Records in SAP Business OneJaime Pérez-Badía & Jacobo Coello-Hernández (24.06.2010) [in colaboration with ITOP].
  • POS Integration with SAP Business OneEduardo J. Expósito-Montañez (24.06.2010) [in colaboration with ITOP].
  • POS Software Integration with SAP Business OneJoatham Pérez-Expósito & José-Gregorio Dorta-Luis (16.01.2009).
  • Health management and reservations in SAP Business OneCristian Rivero-Darias (15.01.2009) [in colaboration with ITOP and ATECRESA].
  • Multi-location management of items in SAP Business OneLaura C. Méndez-Medina (15.01.2009) [in colaboration with ITOP].
  • Automatic experimentation environment of setting/correcting label algorithms for the shortest path problem, Laura Sánchez-Martínez-de-la-Peña & Jonay García-González. (15.01.2009). Co-supervisor: Dr. A. Sedeño-Noda.
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