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(updated 9 June 2015)

(updated 9 June 2015)

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(updated 12 June 2015)

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Here are some of the great reasons

to join our Guild.


What will 20 bucks get you,

for the year?

  • First chance to sign up for offered workshops.
  • Lower cost for workshops.
  • Over 50 titles available to borrow from our growing Library.
  • Quilter's Cove.
  • Year-end picnic.
  • Opportunity to attend our yearly quilt Retreat.
  • Opportunity to attend our Christmas dinner.
  • Discounts at quilting stores.
  • Opportunity to be an active participant in our Quilt Show, every other year.
  • Expertise from our most experienced quilters.
  • And most importantly... New friendships with others having the same interest.


 In a nutshell:

  • Meetings are from 6h30 to 9h00 p.m.

  • Coffee/tea is served.  Bring your own mug, please.

  • Alergy Alert!!! No scents. No Peanut Butter items.  Please.

  • Membership dues are usually due beginning of September.

  • 1st Wednesday in Sept. - General Meeting (Membership dues)
  • 1st Wednesday in Oct. - General Meeting.
  • 1st Wednesday in Nov. - General Meeting.
  • 1st Wednesday in Dec. - Christmas Dinner.
  • 1st Wednesday in Jan. - General Meeting.
  • 1st Wednesday in Feb. - General Meeting.
  • 1st Wednesday in Mar. - General Meeting.
  • 1st Wednesday in Apr. - General Meeting.
  • 1st Wednesday in May. - ANNUAL MEETING.
  • 1st Wednesday in June. - Year-End Picnic (usually Potluck).
  • Marco Polo pins are available for $2.00


Detailed Information:

Membership dues are only $20.00 per year, and can be paid at our monthly meetings, beginning in September.  Please pay our Membership chairperson.  Include with your dues, in writing: your name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.  The membership committee keeps an updated list for e-mails, and phone lists. There are also 'New Member packages' available at Quilters Cove (Thursday mornings), and dues and information may be left with Kathy Barton at that gathering, as well.

Marco Polo Quilters Guild pins are available for $2.00 each from our Membership Chairperson. 

Our next meeting is the first Wednesday night of the month, from 7-9pm at the St. Columba Church, Manawagonish Road, Saint John, West, NB.  (Directions below).

No Meeting in July and August!

As coffee and tea are available at each meeting, please bring a mug with you. We hope to see you there!

Just a note to remember:  There are some allergy alerts to be aware of.  We meet in a room that is frequented by children.  Please be aware that peanut butter is strictly prohibited due to severe childhood allergies - even the residual oil may cause dire results.  Also, some of our members are scent sensitive, so please, no scents at the monthly meetings, or Quilter's Cove.  Thank you for being considerate.


DIRECTIONS to St. Columba Church

(where are meetings and classes are usually held):

St. Columba Church, Manawagonish Road, Saint John, West:

From Google Maps, using the Reversing Falls Bridge:

From McAllister Place, East Saint John: 

Take Westmorland Road toward Loch
Lomond Road.

 Turn right at Loch Lomond Rd

 Take the 2nd right onto Russell St

Sharp left at Rothesay Ave/NB-100 W

Turn left to merge onto Main St/NB-100 W

 Turn left at Chesley Dr/NB-100 W

Turn right at Main St W

 Continue onto Manawagonish Rd

Arrive at St. Columba Presbyterian Church, 1454 Manawagonish Rd, Saint John, NB


From Google Maps, using the Harbour Bridge:

       From McAllister Place, East Saint John: 

        Take McAllister Drive to Rothesay Avenue.

        Turn right at Rothesay Ave/NB-100 W

        Turn left to merge onto NB-1 W toward St. Stephen (Partial toll Road)

        Take exit 117 for NB-100/Fairville Boulevard

        Turn left at Fairville Blvd/NB-100 W

        Take the 1st right onto Manawagonish Rd

        Arrive at St. Columba Presbyterian Church, 1454 Manawagonish Rd, Saint John, NB

From google maps from Fredericton,NB

Take NB-2/Trans Canada Highway/NB-7/Moncton/Edmundston/Saint John

Merge onto Fredericton Bypass/New Brunswick Route 8 S

Merge onto Fredericton Bypass W/New Brunswick Route 8 S

Take exit 7 to merge onto NB-7 S

Merge onto NB-7 S/Trans-Canada Hwy

 Take exit 306 to merge onto NB-7 Toward Saint John

Take exit 96 for NB-100 toward Saint John West

Turn left onto Ocean Westway/NB-100 E
Continue to follow NB-100 E

Turn left onto Manawagonish Rd (signs for Manawagonish Road)
Destination will be on the left



Here is our pattern for a name tag.  We wear our name tags at the monthly meetings, to help us in getting to know everyone. 



Instructions for Construction:

1.  Cut piece of fabric larger than Section 1.

2.  Glue fabric in place on unprinted side of pattern.

3.  Fold pattern on line between 1 + 2, and trim seam to 1/4 inch.

4.  Take fabric for section 2, and line up to 1/4 inch seam of section 1 - right sides together.  Stitch along the line, starting 2 or 3 stitches before line, and ending 2 or 3 stitches after line.

5.  Press fabric up with dry iron.

6.  Fold pattern on line between 1 and 3.  Trim seam to 1/4 inch.  Add fabric for section 3 to the 1/4 inch seam.  Stitch and press as above.

7.  Fold fabric on the next seam line - cut to 1/4 inch seam, and continue adding fabric until block is complete.

8.  Add border as desired.  Remove paper.

9.  Add quilt batt, and backing, and quilt as desired.

10.  Bind edges.


Here's a website, too, that might be helpful:

Paper Piecing Basics:  www.paperpiecingbasics.com