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Travelling in Thailand 2009

Travelling in Thailand 08 II

Travelling in Thailand 2008

Travelling in Thailand 2007

Travelling in Portugal 2006

Travelling in Brazil 2005

Travelling in France 2004

Travelling in Portugal 2003




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Nature Beach Sun & Sand

Nature beach Sun & Sand 2.0

Nature Beach Sun & Sand 3.0

Nature beach Sun & Sand 4.0

Nature Beach Sun & Sand 5.0


Live feed from Paradise

Live feed from Paradise 2.0

Live feed from Paradise 3.0


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For many years i passed long evenings with the then girlfriend nagging me about googling page after page of whatever i was looking for , this would usually be photography ,indeed pictures who would tell stories from all over the world from photography enthusiasts such as myself ,so i did the right thing , dumped her and started travelling and taking my own photos from all over the world , haven't looked back ever since  . 

""The worst prison would be a closed heart. ""

          -Pope John Paul II




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