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Chapter6: Polynomial Functions

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 Class date    
 Lesson Assignment
Feb. 05

 Chapter 6 test on factoring polynomials
 You can use your notebook.

Demand function, creating a cubic polynomial given 4 points, cubic regression
Complete your review of chapter6 as per the homework assigned Feb.01
You should know your vocabulary as per pg. 388..

Demand function and assortment of other word problems involving polynomial functions
Complete  Chapter 6 review know your vocabulary pg. 388
Do odd numbered
Chapter test pg.391
Chapter stand. test Pg.392
 Why factor polynomials? what is the best method?


Building a box with max. volume.
review quiz answers.
exploratory exercises
in computer lab.
Determine which dimensions will create the largest volume.
Pg. 376 #1 -7, 12,
Pg. 378 #45, 47, 51, 53, 55, 57
Pg. 383 #15, 17, 19, 49
Pg. 386 Odd numbers in mixed review
 creating a cubic polynomial if you know 4 points.. (3 points will be the zeros of the function + 1 other point on the curve.)
Chapter test on chapter 6 on Wed.

read about turning points, end behavior

Group presentations;
Worksheet from kuta software.

Quiz involving factoring polynomials with degree less than or equal 4.
The answers to the worksheet are available from
the algebra2 section -> graphing polynomials.

Fundamental th.of algebra..6.7 the relationship between zeros, factors, solutions and x-intercepts chap. 6.8

 Pg.369 Guided practice #1-13 odds;  15-29 odds. 35-37; 47,49
Pg. 376, guided practice 1-11, 12
Work with your group on agreeing on the relationship between zeros, factors, solutions and x-intercepts; include end-behavior.
 Who was Gauss?
what are complex conjugates?
Finding zeros..
vocab: local minimum, local maximum
turning pionts, end behaviour,

Who is I.M.Pei and what is the connection to Taichung..

 Zeros of a function and factoring
Pg. 356:
39,41, 49, 51, 55
Challenge #60
What are zeros of a function?
Quiz today on factoring polynomials..
Remainder and Factor theorems, rational zeros..
Chapter 6.5, 6.6
Pg.350 (93,94,96,97)
Pg.351 mixed review
Pg.356 #3, 8,9,12,13
Vocabulary: dividend, divisor, quotient, remainder, demand function, coefficients,
synthetic division=synthetic substitution
Question? in a function, what are the factors, ie. what values of x make f(x) = 0..


Review polynomial expressions, equations
 Pg. 348 #27-32;
Pg. 349 68- 73
 Bring a notebook for next class.

Review polynomials, factoring
Correct errors from the semester exam

Take your semester exam
at 10:30
Determine the time it takes Santa to take off from the NOrth Pole and land in Taichung, if his initial velocity is 1500 km/sec and his sleigh weighs 450 kgs. Bonus question, will his flight be a parabola, if so, what is his maximumum height.
 Have a relaxing holiday and if you get bored and are looking for fun math activities.. check out for interesting videos:
 search on "symmetry" or "oragami" or "calculus in architecture" or "hyperbolic geometry"..

Semester review
Take questions from mixed problem solving starting pg.971.
Prepare a review sheet hand-written by yourself for the semester exam. Photocopying someone else's sheet will not be acceptable.
 Work through word problems from the textbook.

Semester review
Pg.344 mixed review
Pg.344 Quiz1
review homework and last years semester test.
Questions from cumulative review Pg.394-395
Work through questions from the text book. Review by doing quiz and review problems from text.

Lesson 6.3 Operations on polynomials.. concept-"add or subtract the coefficients of like terms"
Pg341: 1-12
#13-38 every third; 45, 46; 66, 67, 71, 72a
Take home last years semester test..
Vocab: square of a binomial; special product patterns, short pop quiz on monday on 6.1, 6.2..
Collect chapter5 homework..and setting a good viewing window Pg.337.

Lesson 6.1, 6.2 Properties of polynomial functions, return Chapter 5 test.
Pg.326 #1-15, #24-31; #48-52; Pg 328 #69-83 every third;
Pg. 333 #1-7; 27-30; 37-40, 81, 82
Vocab: powers, exponents, leading coefficient, degree, quartic, cubic; scientific notation; synthetic substitution; infinity; end behavior;
Setting a good window with GCal.