Hi, I'm a Professor of Economics at the School of Economics and Finance, Queen Mary University of London. My research interests are in choice theory, bounded rationality, psychology and economics, philosophy and economics, game theory, social/collective choice. I’m also interested in theory-driven empirical applications and experimental work in these areas. I'm happy to supervise enthusiastic PhD students on these topics. 
I'm Editor of Economics and Philosophy: please send us your best work in economics with a philosophical angle.
With Paola Manzini we launched the first BRIC workshop in St Andrews in 2013 (followed by Barcelona, NYUNorthwestern KelloggQueen Mary University of London and Columbia). The next edition is in Aarhus. Anybody interested in bounded rationality should consider attending, presenting at, and organising BRIC in the future! (check announcements here and on Tzachi Gilboa's DT forum).