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Last update: 12 Sept 2022

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NEWS - Recently published paper:

Guilmette, Carl, van Hinsbergen, Douwe, Smit, Matthijs, Godet, Antoine, Fournier-Roy, Francois, Butler, Jared, Maffione, Marco, Li, Shun, and Hodges, Kip (2023). Formation of the Xigaze Metamorphic Sole under the Tibetan continental margin reveals generic characteristics of the subduction initiation process". Communications Earth & Environment, 4:339.

I am Associate Professor of Tectonics and Structural Geology at the University of Birmingham (UK). My research revolves around the broad field of tectonics in both collisional and extensional settings. I investigate large-scale tectonic processes, with a specific focus on oceanic detachment fault kinematics, subduction initiation mechanisms, and the origin of ophiolites. My main research tools are paleomagnetism, magnetic fabrics, and structural geology. This multidisciplinary approach allow me to perform kinematic and paleogeographic reconstructions and understand how key tectonic processes work. My research has a broad geographic extent that involves fieldwork in the large Neo-Tethyan ophiolite belt (Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Oman, and Tibet).

International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) related research

I have been involved twice in IODP expeditions. In 2014 I sailed with Expedition 351 - IBM Arc Origins, which was focussed on the study of subduction initiation in the west Pacific at ~50 Ma. For more info on the main results of IODP Exp. 351 see Proceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program Volume 351.

In 2018 I have participated as a member of the science party in Expedition 381 "Corinth Active Rift Development", which was aimed at studying the tectonic and paleoenvironment evolution during the early stages of continental rifting.

Later on in 2020 I was selected to participate in IODP Expedition 387 "Amazon Margin" but the expedition was cancelled.

My interest/expertise areas are: