Public Digital Network

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1. The Survey of the Territory to optimize the Public Digital Wireless Video and Data Transmission 


     Specialized tools are applied to speed and to optimize the deployment of the Public Digital Wireless Network


 2.     The Applications supported by the Public Digital Wireless Network


The main Applications supported By the Public Digital Wireless Network are:

  • Public Hot Spots Services
  • Video Surveillance & Security Services


  • Traffic Control 

  • Fire Service Support
  • Civil and Health Services Support
  • Police  Service Support



3.     The Terminals supported by the Public Digital Wireless Network


 All the most important Mobile Digital Devices are supported by the Public Wireless Network, such as:


  • Lap Top PC equipped by Centrino Chip Set or WiFi PMCI, Cardrbus Adapter, Customer Premises Equipment ( CPE )
  • Personal Digital Assistant
  • Voip Handheld Devices. 


4. Mesh and Dual Radio Architecture to improve Deployment Flexibility, End Users' Throughput and Service Continuity

The building blocks of the new Architecture are reliable outdoor Dual Radio Devices specifically designed to support Mesh Topology Network.


The 2.4GHz/5Ghz Outdoor Access Point/Bridge is designed to bridge two or more wired LAN’s (usually located in different service areas), while simultaneously providing wireless access to local or mobile users. The System incorporates a dual radio architecture to bridge over one wireless band and provide wireless client access over the other band. The Dual-Band Outdoor Access Point/Bridge is also completely weatherproof and capable of being installed in a wide variety of different environments. The System uses Wireless Distribution System to allow bridging between remote locations. The System comes in two models: M (master) and S (slave). The Master Bridge supports up to 16 WDS Bridge links to remote LAN’s and branch locations. Using dual radio architecture allows for different bridging options using either the 802.11a or 802.11b/g wireless band. As an alternative if the bridging functionality is not required you can use both 802.11a and 802.11b/g in access point mode.


The Mesh Architecture warrants high reliabilty and alternate rooting, based on "all to all" components connection. Not only the available band is balanced among the different users and their throughput is optimized, but alternate paths are always insured in case of bridge failure, this feature is not offered by Star Topology, which requires each slave to be in Line of Sight to its Master, and by Loop Topology, which warrants only a single alternate data path. 

 Wireless Surveillance and Traffic Control Unit

 Wireless Mobile Test Unit


AirNet has already developed and installed self sufficient WiFi Base Stations, connected by chained radio bridges and powered by Solar Panels to make easier and faster the deployment of Digitalized Networks in new areas.

Airnet  has installed 34 WiFi Radio Base Station along the " Autostrada dei Fiori " between Andora and Imperia East in the 2005 Summer. 9 of them are Solar powered.

All of them are still operational after more than 38.000 hours of 24/24,  7/7 service without any part replacement.


AirNet is updating its Public Network Application Systems with  WiMAX Devices to improve the performances and to reduce the implementation costs.


High Performance Low Cost Video Surveillance

Broadband wireless is the easiest, most cost-effective solution to the challenges of building an effective, high-performance video surveillance infrastructure. Wired systems are cost-prohibitive, restrictive in their construction and slow to deploy.

The Video Surveillance Kit provides a wealth of information about the application and architecture of effective video surveillance, from business security and public safety, to traffic monitoring, perimeter control and more.

The Alvarion BreezeACCESS VL SU-Video is specifically designed and balanced to provide the fastest possible signal for clear, real-time video transmission. It offers flexible camera placement, optimized bandwidth allocation for a robust, reliable video surveillance system, and interoperability with a broad range of cameras and sensors.

The BreezeACCESS 4900 offers easy, cost-effective wireless video surveillance and network access for public safety.


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