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1.              Business Evolution



1.1             Phase One


Deregulation, imposed by European Union to its Partners by 90/388/CEE Directive on June 28, 1990, that has been introduced in the Italian Body of Laws by DPR 420 on September 9, 1995 and by its following Regulatory Instruments, has opened Italian Market to all main Multinational Telecommunications Carriers and let significant advantages available to end users operating in Italy.

With the main target to support Companies dedicated to exploit such an opportunity of business Air.Net Spa has been incorporated in Rome, where it has its Headquarters, on May 7, 2001.


Its first objective was to implement a Survey and Evaluation of Italian Motorways Traffic on behalf of the Government Agency in charge of Italian Highways Network ( ANAS ) and to design Applications dedicated to Traffic flows improvement and Traffic security.


Air.Net during 2001 and 2002 developed as well several projects dealing with reorganization and rationalization of  Km 5.000 Km out of the 18,000 managed by the Government Agency.




In this period Air.Net built as well towers along the Highways in order to rent Antennas locations to Cellular Operators.





1.2             Phase  Two




At the beginning of 2003 Air.Net put together a Product Line dedicated to  Traffic Control  based upon the extensive use of Video MPEG4 Streaming  Management and WiFi Wide Area Connections.




The Cameras were integrated with Switch, WiFi Access Points and High Gain Antennas to realize an easy manageable compound.


The System supplied IP Video Streams with a limited bandwidth supported by a powerful handling Software.





During 2004 an integrated network, based on these products, was deployed in the field to Manage the Traffic of the Motorway crossing Bari in the South of Italy. A Branch Office was established in Bari to handle and maintain the system.





1.3            Phase Three




On  September 2004 Air.Net started the development of a Mobile Wide WiFi Network to ensure total coverage for an Italian Private Highway Company, that controls a Network of over Km 1,000.


A Test Bed covering 4 Km of Highway Loop was implemented in Rome with good results in Internet Wide Band Broadcasting, VoIP, Video Streaming towards fast moving users.





A 14 Km implementation in a Public Motorway  started on June 20 and the System, based on 34 Radio Base Stations, was delivered to the Customer's handling on October 28, 2005




All the 34 Radio Base Stations are wireless chained one to the other   and maintain  seamless connection with  mobile devices ( such as Personal Digital Assistent, Lap Top equipped with Centrino Chip Set ) moving along the Motorway at a speed up to 200 Km/h.


At the beginning of 2006 an intensive deployment plan of Telecommunications Towers started in the southern part of Italy.

Thank to General Agreement signed with one of top three Italian Mobile Operators, Airnet has already installed a dozen of Telecommunications Towers in three South Italian Regions.



2.       Management of The Company


The Board of Directors is composed by three members:


Renato Lamberti,  Chairman, Professor in Naples University of Transport & Motorways Development.

Daniele Sandias, Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer, former Managing Director of Ilva Pali.

Marco Menesini

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, 12 years in IBM International Operations and 5 years in Olivetti Headquarters as Liaison Officer to AT&T Joint Venture, former Chairman of Vegas Computer Communications LTD, former Chief Executive Officer of Interoute Telecommunications Italy and I-21 Italy, former Chief Operating Officer of E-via Spa.



3.       Main Implementations & Business Studies






3.1                     "Gran Raccordo Anulare”  Rome – Italy 




3.2                    Bari Highway 









3.3                     Mobile Wide WiFi System Test Bed





3.4                     Mobile WiFi Motorway Coverage






During the month of June 2005 the Company started an important implementation in the field: the coverage of a stretch of 14 Km of a main Italian Motorway with a Wide WiFi Mobile Service.

The project, after the interruption due to the intense holiday traffic, has been completed and delivered to the Customer's handling on October 28 of the same year.

The period between June 22 and October 20 has been utilized to test a new model of Access Point equipped by an innovative  Telecommunications Chip Set.

The output of the field tests are constantly applied to the other implementations in order to maintain the operating Networks technologically updated.


4.            Actual Status of Operations of Airnet


The main objective is to deliver all over the Italian territory multimodal Internet Services to mobile users, deploying WiMAX Equipment at the side of the 21,839 Km  of Highways and Motorways controlled by ANAS ( Italian Public Agency in charge of National Highway Network ).

Thank to the coverage of the new WiMAX Base Station Equipment, it will be possible to serve the 80% of the Italian Territory and the 90% of the Italian Population  from Telecom Towers, like the ones already installed in the Bari Motorway, Taranto, Trani etc deployed within the 60 metres wide belt owned by ANAS along its 21,839 Km  of Highways and Motorways.

The actual radius coverage of the WiMAX Base Stations is 4 times larger than the GSM one, that means 20 Km.

Each main Tower has a group of 3 or more ancillary Towers, located at 5, 10 Km distance, to monitor a larger span of traffic, the ancillary Towers are used as well to service Cellular Base Transceiver Stations and WiFi and WiMAX installations.


5.          Airnet Markets and Products


During 2004 The Italian Mobile Telecommunications Service Market overcome the Fixed one, 16,65 Billion Euros against 16,2 . The Mobile showing a growth of +5.2% and the Fixed +0.7%.

The segment of the Mobile Value Added Services reached the 2.Billion with a growth of +20.4%.

The Mobile Telecommunications Services grew 13.8% during the first Quarter of 2005 versus the same period of 2004.

Airnet is actually targeting the even more promising segment of the Mobile Virtual Network Enabler and the related segment of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

Airnet  capitalizes its contacts and knowledge of the Italian Motorway and Highway Operators and its experience in servicing wide open surfaces to exploit the Italian MVNO and MVNE Markets, in cooperation to Mobile Telecom Operators.



The Airnet Towers and Polygonal Masts can host a large number of TLC Equipments such as  :

  • Base Transceiver Station (BTS) for UMTS, DCS, GSM Cellular Phone Support
  • TETRA Public Telephony Systems
  • Multipurpose Radio Bridge Devices
  • WiFi/WiMAX Services Support ( Internet TV, Wireless ADSL, Remote Video Security Control, Traffic Control & Management etc) Devices

Air.Net have installed Towers in 3 Italian Regions: Apulia, Sicily and Campania and WiFi BTS in Liguria.


AirNet is working at deployment plans for a WiMAX Networks in the three Italian Regions, where it is present with its main installation facilities: Apulia, Campania and Sicily.


AirNet has already developed and installed self sufficient WiFi Base Stations, connected by chained radio bridges and powered by Solar Panels to make easier and faster the deployment of Digitalized Networks in new areas.

 Airnet  has installed 34 WiFi Radio Base Station along the " Autostrada dei Fiori " between Andora and Imperia East in the 2005 Summer. 9 of them are Solar powered.

All of them are still operational after more than 38.000 hours of 24/24,  7/7 service without any part replacement. 

AirNet is studying a similar solution for WiMAX Base Stations based on Solar Panels implemented  on thin film CIGS directly deposited on conductive substrate used as electrode.

6.                Clients


1.    Government Highways Management Agency ( ANAS )

2.    Motorways Operators (  e.g. Autostrada dei Fiori SpA )

3.  Cellular Phones Operators  ( WIND SpA )

4.  Regional Telecom Associations operating in WiMAX, WiFi Network Deployment

5.  Local Government Agencies responsible for Security Applications and Internet Services


7.       NEW  TELECOM TOWER IN SANTA CATERINA, February 11th 2009

Assembly and final tests

8.       NEW  TELECOM TOWER IN SANTA CATERINA, March  2nd 2009

The Santa Caterina Tower is ready to enter the operations 

8.       NEW  TELECOM TOWER IN Taranto March 6th 2009

The foundations are ready and tthe Tower will be installed by the end of next week . 

The Tower will be used to light the area as well


9.       NEW  Polygonal Mast in  Taranto March 30th 2009

A new 16 faces Mast has been delivered in Taranto . It is part of the Local  Video Traffic Network and is is going to be used to support Cellular Phone BTS as well. As for the others Airnet installations it is a part of a Local Area Network to collect Traffic Information and to deliver them to the Regional ANAS Control Centre.

10. NEW  TELECOM TOWER and 16 Faces MAST IN BARI DOWNTOWN May 11th 2009


Exactly as for the others installations the three legged Tower and the &- Faczs Maon Mast  are part of a Network dedicated to Traffic Management and Control. In addition the Structures are going to be leased to Telecom Operators to install and handle Cellular Phone BTS, WiMAX Base Stations and Long Distance Digitalized Wireless Bridge. These installations, as all the others already implemented, have other three Ancillary Towers each, to make a larger Traffic Control Area possible. These six Ancillary Towers are ready to receive Cell Phone BTS, WiFi and WiMAX  BS equipments.  


It concerns three implementations ( lotto “S.S. 16 – Monopoli “) with Mobile  Domes and three implementations on S.S. 96 and on S.S. 172 ( Modugno, Orimini and Crispiano).
ANAS SpA grants for 29 years to AIR.NET  the availability of ” Monopoli Sud” , “ Monopoli Zona Industriale” on S.S. 16, “ Monopoli  Capitolo” and” Area di svincolo di Modugno” on S.S. 96  ( “ Orimini” location and   “ Crispiano” location), where to implement the Traffic Management Systems, each with a surface of  70 mq.
Bari, May 14, 2010

Air.Net SPA    Sede Operativa  -  00187 ROMA  -  via XX Settembre, 68

                                       Tel. +39 06 420 100 68 Fax +39 06 420 110 27





Montecarlo, JUNE 7th, 2010


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