Marco Del Tredici

Main Info 

Hi, I am Marco, and I am currently working as a Machine Learning Scientist at Cohere. I work with and on Large Language Models, including tasks like: literature review; high-quality data collection; model design, fine-tuning, and deployment; model output analysis; and automatic and human evaluation. In the last months, I have been working in the Retrieval Augmented Generation team, focusing on evaluation.  

Previously, I worked as a Machine Learning Scientist at Amazon Alexa AI,  In Berlin. While in Alexa, I worked on Open Domain Conversational Question Answering and, in particular,  I helped improve models’ capability to engage in human-like, effective conversations. 

I got my PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, with Professor Raquel Fernández. My PhD research developed at the crossroads between Natural Language Processing, Social Network Analysis and Dialogue: in practice, I used Machine Learning techniques (especially Neural Networks and Deep Learning architectures) to investigate how people in social networks create, share and spread the meaning of words. 

See my LinkedIn profile here and my Google Scholar profile here.  My email is my name and surname in just one word followed by


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