I am a literary scholar working at the intersection of narrative theory, phenomenology, and cognitive approaches to literature.

I have written about the following topics (for references and links, see Selected publications):

  • how we empathize with fictional characters, and particularly with characters whom we perceive as "strange" or deviant (narrating animals, serial killers, cyborgs);¬†
  • how we project ourselves into fictional worlds and experience narrative spaces;
  • how literary reading involves our embodied minds;
  • how figurative language can be used to express the qualitative properties ("qualia") of conscious experience;
  • how literary interpretation works, and how it is constrained by our physical and psychological make-up;
  • how narrative taps into, and at the same time can have an impact on, our everyday experience;
  • many other issues surrounding cognitive approaches to (literary) narrative.

I work at Ghent University in Belgium as an assistant professor in English and Literary Theory.

Contact details

Email: marco[dot]caracciolo84[at]gmail[dot]com

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