Course taught at Rutgers-New Brunswick

506:402 Seminar in New Jersey History

New Jersey is depicted in TV shows like Boardwalk Empire, Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Real New
Jersey Housewives, and the Sopranos.  But there is more to our state than these often bizarre
programs let on.  In this course students will examine our state’s long and interesting history.  New
Jersey played an important role in the American Revolution of 1775-1783, and since then in other
revolutions in industry, technology, and transportation.  Our state has grappled with issues of
immigration, politics, population growth, discrimination, suburbanization, land use, and much more.
 To paraphrase a comment by a New Jersey political figure, wherever America is going, New Jersey
will get there first.
Students in this course will write a research paper on a New Jersey subject.  In doing this project,
students will benefit by having access at the Alexander Library to the largest collection anywhere of
books, manuscripts, newspapers, maps and other sources on the Garden State.