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Places on and off line I've been known to frequent:

  • Family - I've been married to Rochelle for many years and we have a daughter that's currently attending high school. We live in Walnut Creek, CA along with three cats.
  • Computers - My passion since 1973 has been computers. I started out on the hardware side and many of my projects involve hardware/software interfaces of some sort. Related to this is an interest in electronics, computer architecture, processor architecture, file systems, software reliability, system reliability, system usability and user interfaces, and technology in general. Software reliability is the area where I’ve spent the most personal time and I’m always looking at ways to make both systems, and the underlying code, easier to understand, maintain, and to diagnose when problems develop.
  • The outdoors - If it were not for computers I probably would have been a geologist, botanist, biologist, or mycologist of some sort - probably as a teacher as “how people perceive things and learn” is one of my interests plus I love working with kids.
  • Aikido - I did Judo as a kid and for over 30 years I thought about getting back into the martial arts. School, work, family, life kept me busy but by 2002 things had settled down enough that in March I started training in Aikido at Aikido of Diablo Valley. Related to Aikido I hang out on the Aikido-L mailing list, Aikiweb, Aikido Journal, Deaf Aikido, etc.
  • Acalanes Ridge Open Space - While Walnut Creek is surrounded by lots of open space plus trails criss-crossing the area I tend to go to the Acalanes Open space more often as it's a 15 minute walk from the house. Though I walk pretty much the same route each time each trip is also a little different as the seasons change.
  • Science Fiction - I enjoy reading, and sometimes reviewing, science fiction, particularly the older books. Though I check out many book stores in the area Berkshire Books in Concord gets special mention as their owner, Lynn, is a walking encyclopedia of book lore. Related to this is I have been collecting the older books (the ones with the yellow backs) published by DAW. and also maintain the DAW Books List on isfdb. Bob Shaw and M.A. Foster are two authors where I've made an effort to read all of their books I can get my hands on. It's a personal game for me in that rather than getting books off the Internet I'll wait to see if I can spot them in local used book stores, friends of the library sales, etc. I'm also lucky in that I live a couple of blocks from a large public library and on line I sometimes lurk on rec.arts.sf.written.

Below is some historical data for those wondering if I’m the same Marc Kupper they knew way back when.

  • I’ve never used the name Mark Kupper though some people keep calling me “Mark…”
  • I've got a sister, Kirsten, and brother, Erik, both who live in the Los Angeles area.
  • I’ve worked at, for, or with, Morrow Designs (Thinker Toys), Gifford Computer Systems, Information Solutions Inc. (ISI), Parity Systems, Zitel, Vision Computers, Parity Systems, Vision Network Systems, Kent Consulting Group, Integrated Ingredients, Allin Interactive, Guestserve, On Command Video (OCV), Cunard, Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL), Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean (RCCL and RCI), and Carnival Cruise Line (CCL).
  • I went to school at Concord High School (CHS) class of 1979, and Diablo Valley College (DVC).
  • While he lives close by I'm not related to Marc Kupper the international tour guide. See www.originalworld.com for where he works.