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Walt E. Disney Time-line

1901 – Walt Elias Disney is born in Chicago, IL on december 5.
1906 – The Disneys move to Marceline, MO to live on a farm.
1910 – Elias has to sell the farm.
1911 – They move to Chicago. Walts draws pictures for the Mckinley High School Newspaper and attends evening classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.
1918 – Walt lies about his age to be accepted into the American Ambulance Corps and serves in France following the end of World War I.
1919 – Walt moves to Kansas City and gets a job at the Pesmen-Rubin Commercial Art Studio for $50 a month.
1920 – Walt meets Ub Iwerks and forms Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists but it fails after one month. Walt creates Newman Laugh-O-gram, which produces advertising and topical shorts and story cartoons.
1922 – Walt incorporates Laugh-O-gram, with $15,000.
1923 – Laugh-O-gram goes bankrupt. Walt moves to Hollywood. He establishes the Disney Brothers Studio with Roy Disney and lands a contract for the “Alice Comedies” where a girl filmed in live action interacts with animated characters.
1924 – Walts hires animators, including Iwerks.
1925 – Walt and Lilian get marries.
1926 – They rename the studio Walt Disney Studios and move to a new building on Hyperion Avenue, the birthplace of some of Disney’s greatest films.
1927 – Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is created.
1928 – Walt creates Mickey Mouse and produces Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon to synchronizes sound and animation.
1929 – Mickey becomes a national sensation and Walt launches Silly Symphonies.
1930 – Mickey related merchandise is launch.
1931 – Membership in the Mickey Mouse Club passes one million people.
1932 – Walt acquires exclusive use of three-strip Technicolor for cartoons and incorporate the technology in his films.
1933 – Three Little Pigs, the 36th “Silly Symphony” is distributed. “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” becomes a national anthem for the Great Depression. Lilian Disney gives birth to Diane Disney.
1936 – Lilian and Walt adopt Sharon Disney.
1937 – Disney Studios develops the Multiplane Camera.
1938 – Disney Studios acquires a 50-acre lot in Burbank, CA for a new studio. Walt’s mother, Flora, dies.
1940 – Pinocchio and Fantasia.
1941 – Dumbo. Walt goes to South America and his father dies.
1942 – Bambi and Saludos Amigos.
1946 – Song of the South.

1948 – Seal Islands premieres. The first of the “True-Life Adventures”.
July 20, 1948:
The Chicago Railroad Fair opens at 10 o'clock on this morning on the lake front in Burnham Park, Chicago, Illinois. The following month Walt Disney and Ward Kimball will visit the event - and b

1950 – Cinderella.
1953 – Disney creates the Buena Vista Film Distribution Company.
1954 – Walt buys 244 acres of land near Anaheim, CA to be site for Disneyland.
1955 – Lady and the Tramp – The first widescreen animated film. Disneyland opens with more than 1 million guests in 2 months.
1964 – Mary Poppins.
1965 – Walt Disney Studios purchases land in Orlando, FL for EPCOT which leads to the creation of Walt Disney World.
1966 – Walt dies on december 15.