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Chamber 01

Neolithic Age: Iceman

Plaster, painted

1991 - The Tyrolean Alps in the eternal ice of the glacier a spectacular discovery: a mummified body from the Neolithic period. 
It is very likely from a tribe of the Southern Alps.

Ancient: The Lovers Discovered

Black-figure plate

This Black-typical dish is attributable to the painter of the dried grapes from the 5th century Athens.

Primeval: Duckaeopterix

Fossil in Solnhofen

This fossilized skeleton from the Mesozoic, from which no complete specimen has been found, confirms the failure of previous reconstruction approaches.

Egypt: Internal Gold Lining a Royal Sarcophagus
Gold, enamel

This royal sarcophagus is made of solid gold and has a weight of 110.74 kilograms. The buried can be found on any official list of kings.