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Halloween 2010 Pictures

Trick-or-Treat pumpkin baskets

It’s in a secret, yet magical pumpkin patch here at Disney of course. Mickey hand picks the perfect pumpkins and then brings them back to our floral shop where they can be personalized with special treats and surprises and then delivered to guests here at Walt Disney World or shipped within the US. 

I love walking around the Magic Kingdom each Halloween season, especially during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. This year, as my kids broke the sound barrier making a beeline from trick-or-treat station to trick-or-treat station, a few things caught my eye and I couldn’t help but slow down and snap off a quick shot or two.

Donald Duck Halloween Statue in Front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Of all the Halloween character statues that decorate the planters in the “Hub” in front of Cinderella Castle, Donald’s really jumped out at me. The last sunlight on that gorgeous evening was just about to disappear behind the trees and I got off one last shot before the park began its transformation to nighttime spook-tacular.

Jack-o-Lantern in Front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Later, as I waited in front of the castle for Mickey’s “Boo-to-You” Halloween Parade, I noticed a jack-o-lantern perched atop one of the food carts selling Mickey Bars and other frozen treats. I had a LOT more time to make this photo because it was a warm night and business was good. That pumpkin must have stayed put for the better part of 15 minutes.

Our family had a wonderful night. My four-year-old rode Haunted Mansion for the first time and declared it officially “awesome.” Everybody went on all the rides they wanted, watched fireworks and the parade, and ingested enough candy to render me utterly speechless.

They’ve already made me swear to take them again next year.

              L e A n n    R i m e s   a n d   E d d i e   C i b r i a n      

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian visited Disneyland park with family and friends last week and they wasted no time in getting into the spirit of the season on Main Street, U.S.A.

  C e l e b r a t e    H a l l o w e e n    T i m e 

Many of you may recall that LeAnn Rimes recorded our 50th Anniversary anthem, “Remember When,” five years ago. She even performed the song live at our 50th celebration on 05-05-05.