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Updated 5/22/2021


Other Projects


"Collins Keyer" made from an old Heathkit Keyer

Prototype Paddle for KX2


Main Tuning Knob Prototype.

Billet Aluminum and Burl Wood


Manufacturers Signs

CNC machined in laminated plastic

Sizes range from 9" - 12" long

Email for pricing and availability


Thanks to all those that stopped by the table at

Hamvention 2019

Model R-3a with Standard Base

Model R-3a with Deco Base

Special Order w/hand-engraved base Standard Base Standard Base

Please email for more information:

Some pictures of the

Building Process

Turning the Base Deco Base Milling Complete

Engraving the Base Milling Parts

Collins Winged Emblem (see video above. left)