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We are Bereaved Families and Survivors of the Marchioness Disaster. 


MAG was organised to bring to light the truth about the circumstances surrounding the collision of the dredger Bowbelle and the pleasure craft Marchioness as they were navigating the River Thames in central London on 20 August 1989. The Disaster claimed the lives of 51 people that a Coroner Jury in 1995 found to be Unlawful Killing. See page listing those Unlawfully Killed.




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If you wish to contact a survivor or a family, you can contact us and we will forward your request if we have a current address. Be forewarned that with movement of individuals in the intervening years, current addresses are often not available.
The names of the 51 killed in the Disaster are listed on the page Those Unlawfully Killed and on the Memorial Stone in

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