Community Science Fair

The Raleigh March for Science held a Community Science Fair as marchers arrived at the rally spot in Moore Square. This science fair facilitated engagement around science amongst Triangle community members - young and old, students and teachers, professionals and amateurs. We were especially interested in highlighting ways science impacts people of North Carolina and science rooted in North Carolina.

We tried to recruit presenters who used a variety of presentation formats including tri-fold science fair presentation posters, hands on demos for the young and young at heart, and posters similar to those used at professional science conferences. Professional scientists also presented their work in terms that could be understood by non-specialists. We had a few scientists try a very informal ā€œIā€™m a scientist, ask me about ____ā€ approach.

So who actually presented at the Science Fair? Here are some of the titles!
  • The use of Science in Protecting our Environment
  • Ask Me About Air Pollution!
  • Science Educator Volunteering
  • Geology in Self-Defense
  • Ask the Language Nerd
  • Naturally Invented
  • HPV and throat cancer
  • Improving End-Of-Life Care in Harnett County
  • The nose knows
  • Triangle DIY Biology (Microbiome Discovery, DIY Smartphone Microscope, Microfuge from Scrap, Mudwatt Battery)
  • Methane Pollution: A Growing Threat to Our Climate and Public Health
  • Animal adaptations
  • Epigenetics and Cancer
  • Shark Tooth Forensics
  • Tumor Immunologist: Ask Me Anything
  • Forecasting Plant Diseases in the Age of Global Storming
  • Why is Ocean Water Green?
  • What would science for the people look like?
  • Cell culturing
  • Building Political Will for a Livable World
  • National Parks in VR
  • How to find out about GMOs
  • Ask me about space exploration! And eclipses, too.
  • Ask Me About Big Cats