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After the March

Like the National March organizers, we envision a long term plan of action that will extend beyond April 22nd, the day of the march. To build a movement for science that will catalyze actions for lasting impact, we believe the mission and principles must be locally-rooted and embraced by the people of North Carolina. Therefore, we have begun the process of making connections between the national principles and our home state by:

  • Reaching out to organizations already working to address issues that align with our Mission and Principles

  • Drawing attention to important science-related issues that need to be addressed in North Carolina

  • Engaging with local community members to organize around multiple interfaces between science and society

We are in the process of developing our initial strategies and "inreaching" - utilizing the energy of the March to bring people to our cause - to drive advocacy and change after the March.  Please check this page regularly for updates!