"Protecting Civil Values From Religious Right " Demonstration

協辦:公民社會網絡 香港青年學生聯合會

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Call for support to all those who believe in a broad and open civic society rather than a closed and insular society ruled by intolerance, misinformation and bigotry

Rally on 15-February-2009 (Sunday)

Gather at 11:30 Cheung Sha Wan Path, in Lai Chi Kok, for march to Prince Edward .

We call ourselves “the civic movement network". We come from many walks of life including students, professionals, teachers and parents. Some believe in religion, other do not, however despite our differences, we share a common belief. Together, we treasure the core values of our civic society which have developed extensively - equality, human rights, democracy, rule of law, mutual dialogue, rational debate, tolerance, free and independent thinking, pluralism, transparent governance, care and concern for the minorities and under-privileged, respect for an individual’s rights and freedom to choose their lifestyles in pursuit of their happiness as long as others are not harmed.

Recently, we have seen alarming signs that demonstrate that these core values are being eroded and trampled upon. There has been a push towards singluarism, close-mindedness, conservatism, intolerance, authoritarianism and discrimination. Some groups push their agenda, ideology and values by their own ways and means which go against the core values of a civic society. These groups simplify complex public issues into plain black and white matters with a consistent moral and immoral dichotomy. Furthermore, they hijack public consultations while positioning themselves as the moral voice and label all differing opinions as "immoral". This effectively destroys mutual dialogue, rational debate, tolerance, free and independent thinking, pluralism, and individual rights. These groups can mobilize large groups of people and have networks in places such schools where they stir up people to join under malicious slogans, getting school teachers and students to follow their agenda, mocking our civic education, stifling free and rational thinking.

For issues concerning our human rights and the improvement of rights of minorities, they hijack the consultation process, stall legislation to improve human rights and equality, thus hindering the development of our civic society. This pushes our society towards singularism, intolerance and anti-intellectualism. Understanding and tolerance have been replaced with fear-mongering where misinformation is spread.

Some recent examples include misrepresenting amendments for the Domestic Violence Ordinance as a case of forcing society to accept homosexual couples; claiming that the review of Control of Obscene and Indecent Article Ordinance (COIAO) will result in a media flooded with “pornography” and "immoral material". We see shocking opinions and reasons that defy reason and logic. They relentlessly silence any dissent while pushing their agenda forward and showing bigotry to certain minority groups like sex workers and homosexuals. There are many other issues which are being threatened by these intolerant members of our society.

We want to raise our voices to warn the public of the dangerous direction that our society may head and that we should work to return our society to the path of a civic society.

For this, we will hold a rally on 15-February-2009 (Sunday) to express our voices and pledge for support. We call on those who treasure the core values of a civic society like we do to come and support us and say an assertive and peaceful "no" to the religious and ideology tyranny while asking them to respect the fair and square rule of engagement in a civic society. We are aware of the harm that has been done and we must heal our society and reconcile.

Our Common Voice:

We NO LONGER ignore the growth of Hong Kong's Religious Right, whose ridiculous viewpoints are nonetheless supported by a substantial group of followers.
We OPPOSE imposing on the people of Hong Kong sectarian values, which threaten basic human rights.
We OPPOSE the use of secular laws to advance sectarian agenda and violence.
We OPPOSE all forms of discrimination, and in particular, no religions or sects may promote discrimination arising from their beliefs.
We OPPOSE civic education in schools intended to educate students about civil rights and responsibilities of citizens to become religious organizations' tools.
We BELIEVE Hong Kong is still a tolerant and diverse society.
We BELIEVE Hong Kong's students are allowed to engage in independent and critical thinking.
We BELIEVE Hong Kong's various religious groups share and cherish rational thought and openness.
We BELIEVE "All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights."

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