This started as a eighth grade project.  This is my second attempt at a website.  The first was lost when Yahoo discontinued Geocities last year.  I'm also using new software, The Master Genealogist.  I'm still learning it, but it doesn't make the reports that Ultimate Family Tree did.

On the left click on Marcel's Family or Jessica's Family to see family history.  You'll see a file that says download.  It's only an html file with text. 

A lot of the data was mined online when the internet was new.  It may not be all accurate.  I'm trying to clean it up with better sources now.  Leave any comments or questions here or email me at marcelmuise@yahoo.com .

Coming soon:
Book (TBN)

Volume I - My Nova Scotia Acadian family
Chapter 1 - Ancestors of Larry Muise (includes Muise, Doucet, LeBlanc and most other SW Nova Scotia Acadian names)
Chapter 2 - Descendants of Rémi Muise and Jane Doucet of Quinan, NS (includes Larry's cousins and their descendants)
Chapter 3- Descendants of Rémi LeBlanc and Louise Bennett (includes Larry's cousins and their descendants)
Chapter 4- Book of Muise (descendants of Philippe Mius d'Entremont II)
Chapter 5 - Book of Catherine (descendants of Catherine LeJeune carrying U6a mtDNA )
Appendix A - List of last names

Volume II - My New Brunswick Irish-English family
Chapter 6 - Ancestors of Treva Beck of Albert County, New Brunswick

Volume III - Jessica's Irish-English-Pre loyalist-Loyalist family

Volume IV - Jessica's Maine/New Brunswick/Québec Acadian and French Canadian family

19Jul2010:  Posted Dad's Matrilineal Ancestry.
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