Introduction To Philosophy
Fall 2008 and Spring 2009

Marcello Antosh

Metaphysics, Philosophy Of Mind

1/20 Introductory meeting (syllabus)
1/22 Descartes, "Meditation II" and "Meditation VI" (notes)
1/27 Place, "Is Consciousness A Brain Process?" (notes)
1/29 Putnam, "The Nature Of Mental States" (notes)
2/3 Searle, "Minds, Brains, And Programs" (notes)
2/5 Nagel, "What Is It Like To Be A Bat?" (notes)
2/10 Take Home Quiz due; Levine, "The Explanatory Gap" (notes)
Taylor, "Freedom And Determinism" (notes)
2/17 Libet, "Do We Have Free Will?" (notes)
2/19 No course meeting (National No Class Day)
2/24 Parfit, "Divided Minds And The Nature Of Persons" (notes)
2/26 Midterm Exam Review
3/3 Midterm Exam

Epistemology, Philosophy Of Science

3/5 Gettier, "Is Justified Belief Knowledge?" (notes)
Gettier, "Is Justified Belief Knowledge?" (continued)
3/12  First Paper due; Unger, "A Defense Of Skepticism" (notes)
3/17 No course meeting (Spring Break)
3/19 No course meeting (Spring Break)
Goldman, "What Is Justified Belief?" (notes)
3/26 Popper, "Conjectures And Refutations" (notes)
Thagard, "Why Astrology Is A Pseudoscience" (notes)
Goodman, "The New Riddle Of Induction" (notes)
4/7 Goodman, "The New Riddle Of Induction" (continued)


4/9 Ethics Overview (notes)
4/14 Major Moral Theories (notes)
4/16 Unger, "A Puzzle About Behavior Toward People In Great Need" (notes)
4/21 Singer, "Equality For Animals" (notes)
4/23 Sober, "Prospects For An Evolutionary Ethics" (notes)
Sober, "Prospects For An Evolutionary Ethics" (continued)
4/30 Second Paper due; Final Exam Review
5/5 No course meeting (reading day)
5/7 No course meeting (final exam period)
5/12 Final Exam 8:00 AM