Marcelle Chauvet


Economic Outlook


UCR Conference on Latin American Studies

Teaching and Supervision

Current Teaching 2013/2014

Graduate: Advanced Monetary Theory 282F (Winter 14), Macroeconomic Theory 201B (Winter 14)
Undergraduate: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory 105A (Spring 14)



  • Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced Macroeconomics 
  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Forecasting in Business & Economics
  • Natural Resources Economics


  • Macroeconomic Theory and Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
  • Empirical Dynamic Macroeconomics
  • Macroeconomic Time Series 
  • Advanced Econometrics
  • Colloquium in Economic Theory
Graduate Students
Supervisor, Ph.D. Dissertations
  • Mi Lu, 2013, Ghent University, Belgium, and Fiduciary Research and Consulting, San Francisco
  • Venoo Kakar, 2013, San Francisco State University
  • Rama Kumar, 2013, Chapman University, CA
  • Chandler Lutz, 2011, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Insu Kim, 2010, Central Bank of Korea
  • Jie Li, 2010, HSBC Finance, San Francisco
  • MeiChi Huang, 2009, National Taipei University, Taiwan (first job at Business School, Yuan Ze University)
  • Zeynep Senyuz, 2008, Federal Reserve Bank, Board of Governors, D.C. (first job at University of New Hampshire)
  • Heather Tierney, 2005, College of Charleston, SC (co-chair)
  • Witsaroot Pariyaprasert, 2005, Assumption University, Thailand (co-chair)
  • Gurleen Popli, 2002, University of Sheffield, UK  (co-chair)
  • Fang Dong, 2002, Providence College, RI
  • Chengxuan Yu, 2001, Siena College and NY State Health Department, NY
  • Yun-Mei Yang, 2003 (MSc, ABD), Taiwan
  • Francisco Figueiredo, 2003, (MSc, ABD) Central Bank of Brazil 

 In progress

  • Najrin Khanom
  • Yi Lu
  • Tasneem Raihan
  • Xuefeng Pan
  • Yinqiao Fan
  • Riyad Abubaker
  • Mehdi Naji
  • Jason Cheng Jiang
  • Chuanlei Sun
  • Yanpin Su
Member, Ph.D. Dissertation Committee
  • Zhou Xi, 2013, JP Morgan Chase
  • Yingying Sun, 2013, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China
  • Yundong Tu, 2012, Peking University, China
  • Emre Yoldas, 2009, Federal Reserve Bank, Board of Governors, D.C. (first job at Bentley University)
  • Zuzana Janko, 2004, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Sherman Ho, 1998, Providian Financial, San Francisco
  • Souhir Slim (Faculté de Droit & des Sciences Economiques and Politiques Cité Erriadh)

In progress

  • Ru Zhang

MSc.Thesis Supervised

  • Henrique Pires, MSc from University of Brasilia, Ministry of Finance of Brazil  
  • Wenyan Yuan, MA. from University of California Riverside


    Undergraduate Students

Research Supervised and Awards

  • Annie Zhuo, UC Undergraduate Minigrant Fellowship, 1998/99
  • Francis Hoang , UC President’s Undergraduate Fellowship, 1999/00
  • Caroline Lee, The University of California Senior Student Award, 2000/01