Issue Tracking Systems

Enable PHP in Apache configuration file /etc/apache2/httpd.conf

Create a php.ini file in /etc by copying php.ini.default to php.ini and set the below variable.
    date.timezone = Europe/Zurich
    mysqli.default_socket =

Configure MySQL

Download and install MySQL on your server.

Configure Mantis

Download and install the PHP application Mantis and configure it.
 sudo cp ./mantis /Library/WebServer/Documents
sudo cd /Library/WebServer/Documents
sudo chown -R www mantis

Read the Mantis manual to configure Mantis. In the "config_inc.php" file in the root directory of the Mantis installation configure following properties.    
$g_source_control_notes_view_status = VS_PUBLIC;
$g_source_control_account = 'administrator';
$g_source_control_set_status_to = RESOLVED;
$g_source_control_set_resolution_to = FIXED;
$g_source_control_regexp = '/\b(?:bug|issue)\s*[#]{0,1}(\d+)\b/i';
$g_source_control_fixed_regexp = '/\bfix(?:ed|es)|\s+(?:bug|issue)\s*[#]{0,1}(d+)b/i';

Now you can access mantis application through your browser.

Mantis and Source Control Systems Integration

An good tutorial for mantis integration with Git and Subversion can be found here.


Mantis and Subversion are integrated through two steps. First you must configure Mantis with the above parameters. Second you must add the Mantis call in the post hook call in subversion.

auth=$(svnlook author -r $REV $REPOS)
dt=$(svnlook date -r $REV $REPOS)
changed=$(svnlook changed -r $REV $REPOS)
log=$(svnlook log -r $REV $REPOS)

/usr/bin/php -q /Library/WebServer/Documents/mantis/scripts/checkin.php <<< "Changeset [${REV}] by $auth, $dt$n$log$n$changed"

Mantis and Eclipse

Eclipse has access to Mantis through the Mylin plugin. Using Mylin and the Mantis connector you can view issues, manipulate them and create new ones. The Mylin features such as work contexts and tracking of activities are naturally available.

Mylin is part of the standard distribution of Eclipse. Open eclipse and create a new new Mylin repository. To access Mantis select the Mantis connector.