Eclipse on OSX

Tips And Tricks

  • How to set UTF-8 for JavaDoc in Eclipse?
    • export -> javadoc -> next -> in extra vm options write -encoding UTF-8 -charset UTF-8 -docencoding UTF-8


We recommend to install all plugins over the Eclipse market place function. This approach worked well for Eclipse Indigo. This Eclipse version has already Mylyn, and JUnit installed with the distribution.
  • Continuous Integration
  • Clean Code and Test Driven Development (eXtreme Programming techniques)
    • eclEmma for code coverage, uses the JaCoCo framework for computing the code coverage
    • CheckStyle Plugin for static code analysis
    • FindBugs Plugin for static code analysis
    • PMD Plugin for static code analysis. It seems that updated versions for newer Eclipse versions are no more distributed.
  • Utilities
    • Logviewer for simple log files analysis
    • JVM Monitor for resource usage during application execution


  • The installation of service pack one for Eclipse Juno destroyed my installation. I had to download a clean version of Eclipse and reinstall all plugins. Thanks to the above information the clean installation took around 15 minutes.