Marcel Baumann

Picture August 2011
Main Activities

My main activities are
  • CTO and board of directors chairman in one of the best software services companies in Switzerland bbv Software Services AG. This company has  hundred and fifty collaborators and four locations in Switzerland in the cities of Lucerne, Zug, Bern, and Zürich.
  • Member of the board of directors of bbv ICT Solutions AG, a company owned by bbv Software Services AG.
  • Scrum Agile development approach in software projects and at company level through Scrum of Scrums. I have extensive experience how to introduce agile and lean processes at department and company level.
  • Software Engineering and application portfolio architecture.
    • Project leader and coach for agile Scrum projects. I have completed Java and .NET based software applications with teams up to twenty engineers. I am convinced that the agile manifesto and the Scrum approach are powerful and efficient approaches for complex projects with tight time to market constraints. We have delivered on time, on budget and if necessary with regulatory approval such as TUV or FDA of the developed products.
    • Domain specific languages DSL and Model Driven Approach MDA code generators pmMDA
  • I train regularly Aikido at Aikido Dojo Zug. I am convinced that these physical activities provides an ideal balance to the stress of being Chief Technology Officer CTO and board of directors president of a successful engineering company and project leader of strategical application development projects.

Main Interests

My interests are
  • How to use Scrum agile framework to develop high-quality products in our company? See also agile method experiences and this web site blog. I coach R&D departments how to establish Scrum in a company.
  • How to lead and develop a major software engineering company in Switzerland? In particular the strategic and operational aspects of having agile processes in all core sectors of the company are of tremendous interest for me.
  • Speaker for international and national conference for themes such as agile and Scrum approaches, agile architecture and clean code, management approach for technology companies.
  • I still like to experiment with new software technologies and their impact on new products.


  • My CV is available under my LinkedIn profile
  • My tweeter is @Marcel__Baumann
  • My company LinkedIn profile is also available in LinkedIn;
  • My certification as "Certified Scrum Master CSM" and "Certified Scrum Practioner CSP" can be found under Scrum Alliance; the PMI-ACP certification can be found at the PMI site.
  • I started to use the google blog to write my thoughts and ideas;
  • I also write articles in the company blog;
  • The home page of the Aikido dojo where I am training. The home page is in German;
  • My github account can be found here.
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