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Bud Lite's Real Men of Genius campaign features this (IMHO) hysterical song, saluting "Mr. Company Computer Guy." Download the .mp3 by clicking here and see if you agree.

The Computer & Technology Radio Show has a new home!

wsRadio is the new home for the show that explores and explains the wonders of computers and all things digital, in plain English.

The Computer & Technology Radio Show is presented by Marc Cohen and Marsh Collier in a webcast from the wsRadio website.

The first show will be webcast live on Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 5PM PST.

To hear the show, just go to and click the link to The Computer & Technology Radio Show. 

You can call in with your questions and comments for Marc and Marsha by dialing




for International Callers

Every week Marc and Marsha provide listeners with a goldmine of information, tips, and solutions to problems. If you missed anything, or want more information Click here or on the link to the left, for Show Notes.

If we miss something be sure to post a question at the Yahoo! Group.

One way or another, we'll get you the answer.