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Upcoming Events

Sunday Jan 1st, 2017
1pm - 6 pm
6350 23rd Ln N, St Petersburg,
FL 33702-5600, United States

Come one and all to celebrate 12th Night. This will be a garbed potluck revel. Bring a dish to share, and come socialize and play games. 

We will be having the Baronesses Gift Exchange again. A single wrapped gift of no more than $10 value will get you in all the fun and mystery as we select and steal gifts from each other.

Darkness descends on the Keep By The Sea. Archers from Trimaris and beyond are called on a quest to reclaim the Arrow of the Sun.

January 13-15, 2017
Camp Soule – 2201 Soule Road
Clearwater, FL 33759

For more information see the Kingdom Calendar

photo courtesy of Jared Bluestein