US Masters Swimming Program

   Welcome to Marauder Masters swimming. We are a US Masters program that is designed to meet the needs of all levels of swimming. If you are interested in competing short course, long course, open water, are a tri-athlete, or are looking to stay in shape, we are the team for you. We will be practicing out of the Millersville University pool at least 3 x a week and the team will be coached by the current Millersville University coaching staff.

    If you are 18 years or older and are interested in joining our club, please see the attached forms for registration and the breakdown of cost. Being that this is our first year of operation, it is a great time to join and be one of the first members to help establish a solid and successful team.

* We have added more practices times. Please see schedule for changes.*

Registration is open! Please go to registration page if you want to join.