2012-2013 OFFICERS                                                   
Kevin Lyons-President  belmontbasketball@gmail.com
Brendan Noonan-Vice President`
Tracy Ramsey-Treasurer   ramsey.tracy@gmail.com
Melissa Hart-Varsity Girls  mmhart32@gmail.com
Adam Pritchard-Varsity Boys coachpritch@gmail.com


The primary purpose of the Marauder Basketball Association (MBA) is to support equally the Belmont High School boys and girls basketball programs (varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen) with activities that improve the basketball experience for all players and coaches.  At its core, the MBA is a “booster” and support organization, not an advocacy group or entity focused on advancing a particular political agenda.  The MBA organizes and conducts fund raising and other activities that assist the boys and girls basketball squads.  The Association has an explicit commitment to function in ways that cooperate with and otherwise support and reinforce the efforts of school district administrators, coaches, and other high school personnel.  The MBA is also committed to operating in a transparent fashion to ensure that the support and cooperation it provides does not interfere with school, coach or team policies, responsibilities, or roles.

Additional information about the structure and functioning of the Marauder Basketball Association is available by clicking on the "MBA Overview Information" link on this website.