Edward Jollie - Reminisces 1841-1865


Sylvia Yeoman, C.M., F.R.S.A. of Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia, for the portraits of her Great Grandparents, painted on porcelain at Dresden in 1880.

Sheila Yeoman of Halifax, Nova Scotia and Professor Elizabeth Yeoman of Newfoundland, Canada, Great Granddaughters of Edward and Carrie's third daughter Elizabeth (Jollie) Angus (1866-  ).

Tessa Matthews of Wanganui, New Zealand and Abby Matthews of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia,  Great Great Granddaughters of Edward and Carrie's second daughter Caroline Stanley (Jollie) Matthews (1863-  ). 

Lesley Tinkler of Nelson, New Zealand, Great Granddaughter of Edward and Carrie's second son Edward junior. 

John Williams, Great Great Grandson of Edward James Lee (1822-1883). 

Merryn McAulay and Helen Smith of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

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