Edward Jollie - Reminisces 1841-1865

Francis Jollie 1865~1921


Born at Christchurch on the 30th of March, 1865 Edward Jollie's eldest son returned to England in 1877, with his family.  Enrolled as a boarder at the Bellasis Grammar School at Crossgate, County Durham, Frank was subsequently commissioned in the Royal Army at the age of twenty.

Married in 1888 Lieutenant Jollie was on service with the 20th Hussars in Egypt.  His only son Orme (Captain Francis Ormonde Holden Jollie) was born at Patea in 1890, but died in 1915, whilst serving in France during the first World War. A memorial plaque in the portico of the cathedral at Christchurch, New Zealand commemorates the loss of the heir to the Jollie fortune.

Subsequent to a visit to his family at Patea in 1892 Frank returned to Army service in India, where his wife died. Jollie returned to England in 1899 and remarried. In 1901 his second wife bore a daughter: Doris Oenone.

Promoted to the rank of Major at the beginning of 1904, he was recorded as a Colonel on a visit to New Zealand in 1913. Two years later as a Lieutenant Colonel of the 28th Indian Light Cavalry Brigade Jollie distinguished himself in German East Africa during the First World War.

After that War Frank and Elsa retired to St Helier on Jersey in the Channel Islands, where they purchased Gloster House, a substantial Georgian residence, from a Lady Otway. Known to be still alive in 1921, Frank's later history is yet to be ascertained.

Their home was used as a casino for German officers during the next World War. As a widow Elizabeth Jane Jollie was recorded as being still resident at Gloster House in 1953. Subsequently renovated as an hotel, it was used as accommodation for the crew during filming of the Bergerac television series.