Elizabeth Jollie

Elizabeth Jollie


Known to her family as Bessie, Elizabeth was the fourth child and third daughter of Edward and Caroline Jollie.

At the time of writing her seven month dairy Elizabeth had adopted the name Errihapeti, a Maori variation of her christian name.

Covering the period from the 24th of May to the 26th of December, 1892 the diary begins with a forty four day voyage from Lyttelton to England.

The photograph below shows the passenger liner berthed at Lyttelton's No. 4 Wharf, shortly before her departure for London via Cape Horn, Rio de Janiero, Tenerife and Plymouth.

Elizabeth left the vessel at Plymouth on the day following her twenty sixth birthday. Two weeks later she would meet James Angus, her future husband, the son of a wealthy mine owner, whom she initially considered "an amiable young man though not particularly interesting."

Almost as big as an Atlantic liner, but not fitted with as powerful engines, the 280 passenger RMS Aorangi of 1883, was a 4,268 ton, three masted, steam ship of the New Zealand Shipping Company Ltd.

After loading general cargo and about 25,000 frozen sheep carcases, the Clipper bowed and barque rigged, Aorangi embarked passengers at Lyttelton on the 13th of May, 1892 for London.

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