Crystalline Glazes Page 2

These are other surfaces that I have obtained so far.
              Follows glaze page 1

Glaze 209 D + 300 crome pink

This is a crystalline glaze with raw materials  over a glaze that is pink/crome

201b2 - co.ox/Rio+ 201b3 Mb.ox./rutile

Glaze 201 bfl 15 carb / Mb.ox

Glaze 242

Glaze 209 F Tox/
Another raw glaze that gives me very small crystals, at least with my fire schedule ^ 9/ ^10
( with the same that gives me big crystals with others)
but the crystals are  very strange and very iridescent.

One of my first crystals ( this is why this photo is here) il looks to my like a flag.

Glaze 201 b3 Mb.ox /rutile + 215

Glaze 215 + 214


 Glaze 218 c + 215

Still working on this one to eliminate the raised center 
I call this "butterfly wings" because the crystal   looks so fragile and transparent
like a butterfly wing.

    Butterfly wings-  Glaze 201 bfl 14                                                                                                          

                                                                                                                                    Glaze 214 + 215 on  spanish stoneware