Contemporary Ceramics - Ceramica Contemporanea

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The important thing is: not to stop questioning.

   m a r a   c a m m i   o r s i

I work with porcelain and stoneware. I love the smoothness of porcelain, with my vessels I love to play with the limits of the material, balancing spirals with an equilibrium that  looks precarious, almost on the point to be lost .

 I am attracted by forms that are closed, as if a secret is being kept inside. I love their quality of containing something and keeping it safe.

I decorate my vases and bowls mostly with crystalline glazes.

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I make  sculptures with porcelain and stoneware.
I love bulbous shapes, promise of abundance of good things, still to come to life.
These are medium format sculptures, (mostly within  10  x 10 x 
12" h.).

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