Adoption Application

We strive to place our puppies in the best homes possible. 


Because  I have had so many issues with browsing  vs committed buyers.. I have decided  to upgrade  my application process by  asking  for a $100 deposit  to reserve your place for a puppy for the following 2 seasons ( winter and summer or spring and fall).  The deposit will go towards the specific puppy you choose when it is time. If no puppy is chosen  due to wrong gender or other reasons( health, family issues , vacations etc) I will consider  extending it individually for one more season. After that the deposit will become mine and you will need to reapply  at a later time starting the process over.

Those that reserve a puppy with a deposit will  secure their place.   I will take the first 10 commitments (5 per each dam and sire, 3 females and 2 males each )…. After that you will be on an on call basis.  You can email me to see if you are current or on call.

I will take personal checks or we can do credit card over the phone for  an additional small fee.

Thank you for  doing business with  me.


Please fill out this form to help us. 
If you have any questions, call Linda at 425-377-9952.

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