Current and Retired Parents


CERF/ PRCD clear/normal

OFA hips good, elbows, patellas normal,

curly coat

Current Sire

He is 14 inches tall and 18 pounds

Judah is a Red Merle and White Parti

Obedient and playful with funny antics..a talker

He is a 2nd generation cockapoo, mini

His mother is a 1st Generation Chocolate Merle

His Father is a 2nd Generation Black and White

CERF/PRCD clear/normal 
OFA hips fair, elbows , patellas normal,
wavy to light curl coat
Current Dam
Small Standard,16 inches tall and  26 lbs
Black and White 
Second generation cockapoo
Very loyal and sweet, calm, gentle, laid back, somewhat playful
( favorite toy is tennis ball chasing). 
Her mother is Bella a chocolate Sable and White Parti
Her father is Vito, a Golden Red Tuxedo 

Haleakala (Halea)
PRCD clear/normal
OFA not yet old enough,
tight curl coat
Current Dam
Apricot (Buff) Merle Tuxedo 
third generation
15 in tall, 20 lbs, mini
Happy, playful and friendly to all... loves toys(especially squeakers)
Father is Judah a red merle parti 
Mother is Kona a sable phantom

curly coat
current sire
13 months, 9.5 lbs Toy
red  f1b  first generation 
from Northern lights Doodles,Hallock , MN
mother red cockapoo 
father red poodle 

Gemma Kalea
light wave coat
future dam..
currently 9 months, 14 lbs very mellow,sweet and playful
third generation,mini
Chocolate merle( perhaps silver beige) with red tips.. 
She has the darker brown spots and blue eyes of the merle
with red tips on feet, tail ,eye brows, nose( very pretty girl)
Judah, red merle parti; and Kona, sable phantom, parents
Bella, grandma( chocolate sable)

curly coat
future sire..9 months,18 lbs ,mini
Mahogany Red,  third generation, very mellow, sweet
mother Kennedy(red) and father Levi (red tuxedo)
from Oz cockapoos, Indiana


Retired Dam

She is 14 inches tall and 15 pounds

Bella is a Chocolate Sable and White Parti

She is a 1st generation Cockapoo,strongly affectionate ,beautiful eyes

Her mother is a Chocolate and Apricot Poodle

Her father is a Black, White, and Tan Cocker Spaniel


Retired Sire

He is 13inches tall and 20 pounds

Vito is a Golden Red Tuxedo

He is a 1st generation Cockapoo,loving and sweet

His father is a 10 lb white poodle

His mother is an 18 lb Golden Cocker


CERF/PRCD clear/normal ,OFA good

Retired Dam

12.5 inches tall and 20 lbs, mini

Kona is a Sable phantom( tan tips), sweet, affectionate and active

She is a 2nd generation cockapoo

Her mother is Bella, a chocolate Sable and White Parti 

Her Father is Spencer, a Sable