Purchase Agreement

All our puppies come vet checked with up to date shots, dewclaws removed, are dewormed, and come with a limited health guarantee. The puppy is in good health and free from any disease at time of sale as far as can be determined by the seller.
The puppy is to be taken within 3 days of purchase to a veterinarian (at buyer's expense). If the vet finds the puppy to be unsound, ill, or in poor condition, the buyer can return the puppy and get a full refund from the seller (the price of the puppy as posted on the agreement).

At no time has the seller agreed to pay for any vet bills, puppy accessories or other costs incurred by the buyer. Seller can only return full purchase price of the puppy within 3 days of purchase (excluding any deposits). Seller may consider an exchange depending on the circumstances.
The price for our pet quality, family friendly 2nd and 3rd generation pups> Solid Black   Start at $1400.  Black and White combos, Chocolates combos, reds and sables start at $1500 Merles start at $1600( buff, apricot, red) Rare Multi-colored chocolate or blue merles may start at $1800. Fourth generation pups may be more.

Merles usually have one or two blue, amber, or green eyes  and a spotted  colorful coat. 

 To Join our wait list: Please fill out the application.

Because  I have had so many issues with browsing  vs committed buyers.. I have decided  to upgrade  my application process by  asking  for a $100 deposit  to reserve your place for a puppy for the following 2 seasons ( winter and summer or fall and spring).  The deposit will go towards the specific puppy you choose when it is time. If no puppy is chosen  due to wrong gender or other reasons( health, family issues , vacations etc) I will consider  extending it individually for one more season. After that the deposit will become mine and you will need to reapply  at a later time starting the process over.

Those that reserve a puppy with a deposit will secure their place and possibly move up on the list..   I will take the first 5 commitments for each litter( 3 females, 2 males.) Those after that will be on call once the puppies are born. You can email me to see if there is room on the wait list to put your $100 deposit to assure you of a current puppy or be on the on call list.

For the deposit I will take personal checks, pay pal, or we can do credit card over the phone for  an additional small fee.

Once you have been chosen for a puppy, we require a non-refundable $300 deposit as well as a completed sellers/health agreement. This deposit will be applied to the purchase of your puppy.
You can pick up your puppy during the 8th week of his or her life.  If you are unable to do so a boarding fee of $20.00 per day will be required.
We do not ship at this time.  However, for an additional fee of $50.00 we will meet you at the airport with your puppy.  Please bring your own airline acceptable travel carry-on with food, water and bedding supplies.

The agreement is to be initialed and signed by both buyer and seller. Buyer will receive a copy of the agreement along with the vaccination schedule, sample of puppy food and blanket or toy with siblings scent.

This is a general agreement between buyer and seller. Terms and conditions are subject to change.
Please call with further questions or to schedule an appointment.

Above this line is an image. 
Please print this picture and sign it. You can: scan an email it to me, mail it to me, or bring the signed sheet with you on day of purchase.

New Puppies Coming Soon. 
Email linda@maranathacockapoos.com