Elementary Resources

Kiddonet Alphabet Game
(K-1)Identify the beginning letter sounds
ABC Match
(PK-2) Match pictures with the beginning letter
Constuct a Word
(K-2) Put word parts together to form words.
Phonics Interactive Games
(PK-6) Great phonics games and activities that will engage all learners!
Story Mapping
(K-12) Interactive graphic organizers to assist teachers and students in prewriting and comprehension lessons.
Plot Diagram
(3-12) Student interactive that helps students outline the events in a story, including the exposition, climax, and resolution.
Character Scrapbook
(3-8) Create a scrapbook for a story character, then print out your character analysis.  This one is GREAT!
Storyline Online
(K-5) Children's book read-alouds by famous people! 
(2-12) Create word clouds

A Touch of Class
(3-5)Game to practice categorizing plants and animals
Power Play
(3-8) A game about capturing power.
Smithsonian Education: Science and Technology (teachers)
Smithsonian Education: Science and Technology (students)
(3-8) Lots of resources and interactive material from the Smithsonian Museum.
Scott Foresman Science
(K-5) Online companion to their textbook series, but has lots of great resources for your science curriculum!
School Time Games
(3-6) Interactive flash games on science topics such as magnets, gravity, and forces and motion.
Bar Grapher
(K-12) Quickly enter data and create a bar graph to visually depict your information.
(K-8) Great inquiry based Science activities.
National Geographic Young Explorer
(K-1) Read and listen to stories about animals and the world around us.
Comic Creator
Write and illustrate a comic using this resource from Read, Write, Think.
Silly Sentence Creator
(K-3) Choose words from the lists to create silly sentences.
Power Proofreading
(2-8) The power has gone out and your help is need to correct these news broadcast scripts.
Stapleless Book
(1-8) This interactive resource allows users to create an 8 page book.
Essay Map
(3-8) Use this interactive to organize information for an essay.
Brochure Maker
(3-8) Allows students to create custom brochures and flyers using predesigned templates.
Letter Generator
(5-8) This interactive allows students to practice letter writing skills, including the parts of a letter.
Smithsonian Education: Language Arts
(K-12) lots of resources and ideas from the Smithsonian Museum.
Brainstorm with "The Myth Machine"
(4-8) This machine was built to help you come up with ideas for your own myth.  Follow the directions, use your imagination, and have fun!
Social Studies
Where's Everyone Going?
(5-8) Great resource for connecting historical details and ordering them on a time line.
Smithsonian Education: History and Culture (teachers)
Smithsonian Education: History and Culture (students)
(2-8) Lots of resources and interactive material from the Smithsonian Museum.
Smithsonian Education: People and Places (students)
(K-12) Lots of resources and interactive material from the Smithsonian Museum.
Social Studies Online
Everything you could possibly need or want!
School Time Games
(3-6) Interactive flash games on social studies topics such as Jamestown, Ancient Egypt, Westward Expansion, Geography, and more!
Grammar Workshop
(3-5) Additional practice, proofreading passages, games and activities for grammar skills.
Grammar Practice Park
(3-5) Fantastic interactive games for kids to practice grammar skills. 
Plural Girls
(3-4) Choose the correct plural for the given words.
Go For Grammar Gold
(1-5) Practice your grammar skills in these interactive lessons and games.
Grammar Gorillas
(3-5) Identifying parts of speech
Grammar Games Online
(2-5) A variety of grammar games
Grammar Blast
(2-5) Activities and games from Houghton Mifflin
Basic Skills Practice Games
(2-5) Lots of links to grammar activities
Grammar and Punctuation Links
(2-5) Many links to interactive activities

Factoring Game
(4-8) A game that exercises your factoring ability.
Compound Interest Calculator
(4-8) Experiment with different values in this simulation to see the power of compound interest.
Progress in Mathematics Student Center
(K-8) Choose the appropriate grade level and you will find a wealth of resources that can be projected up and used with whole group class instruction.
Scott Foresman Math
(K-5) Online resources grouped by grade level for additional math practice.  Also has great games for kids!
Sadlier Mathematics
(K-8) Sponsored by a textbook company, this resource has practice pages, online tutorials, and games for every chapter in their math textbooks.  A must have for every classroom!
School Time Games
(3-6) Wow! Games galore!  Math games for nearly every subject.  These would be great interactive resources to project and play as a class!  Make learning fun!
Bar Grapher
(K-12) Quickly enter data and create a bar graph to visually depict your information.
Math Manipulatives
(K-12) Virtual manipulatives for all your math problem solving needs! (National Library of Virtual Manipulatives)
Johnnie's Math Page
(K-8) Lots of games for every math lesson!
All Subject Areas:
(K-12) Fantastic resource for interactives, lesson plans, and other activities for your lessons.  Highly Recommended!
Internet 4 Classrooms
(K-8) A wealth of resources in all curricular areas can be found on this well organized site for teachers.
Customizable Graphic Organizers
(K-12) You can type in these graphic organizers, save, and print them for use in your classroom!  Make them work for you!
Computer Lab Favorites from Scholastic
(K-6) Interactives for all subject areas.
(3-12) Bubbl.us is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online.
(K-12) Record and send voice emails!