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Welcome to the Google Map Maker Community!
The Google Map Maker forum has moved. Join in with ongoing discussions, and catch up on news and announcements HERE!

Map Maker Top Mapper Programs

The Google Map Maker community is comprised of a diverse set of mappers with a variety of skills and interests. The Map Maker team proudly supports that diversity with the following top programs, designed to harness your best skills and enrich your favorite mapping activities. Take a look, and let us know If you think you’re a great match for one or more of these programs based on the descriptions and criteria outlined below.

By definition, an advocate is someone who publicly supports and promotes something, and this year, we’re realigning the Map Maker Advocates program to embody its very definition. The Advocates program is intended to empower you to dramatically grow the mapping community in your region by hosting Map Maker events called MapUps. This year, we’re really honing in on the aspect of sharing Map Maker with the world, and looking for Advocates who are out there, spreading the word.

Learn more here.

 Power Mappers

Are you a super mapper? Do you want to connect with other super mappers to discuss best practices, feature requests, and product updates? Do you consistently contribute high quality edits and reviews to Map Maker? If so, you may be a perfect fit for the Map Maker Power Mappers Group, a private forum that connects top editors and reviewers around the globe, with the unique opportunity to work behind the scenes towards mapping initiatives and product improvements.

Learn more here.

  Top Forum Contributors

Do you consider yourself a forum guru? Are you eager to help others, offer mapping guidance, and work closely with other top forum contributors? If so, you may be a perfect fit for the Map Maker Top Contributor program.

Across Google, Top Contributors are the most active and knowledgeable people you’ll find in Google’s Help Forums. Globally, they help millions of people get their questions answered and keep the forums humming with interesting discussions.

Learn more here.