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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get asked frequently along with some answers.

  1. What is Google Map Maker? Google Map Maker is a web based tool that enables you to add and update geographic information for millions of users to see in Google Maps and Google Earth. By sharing information about the places you know--like businesses in your town or places on your school campus-- you can ensure that the map accurately reflects the world around you. Your contributions, once approved, will be viewable to people from all over the world. Learn more by taking a look at our Getting Started Guide.
  2. How does Reviewing work? Why is my edit still pending/not yet live on Maps?
    All new edits need to be reviewed by another mapper. The more you successfully contribute to Map Maker, the more trust you will gain in the system and the easier it will be for you to make and review other changes to the map. If your edit is still pending and not on Google Maps, it has likely not been reviewed yet. You can post the links to the edits you’ve made on the review edit requests forum, so that your fellow mappers can review your map changes, enabling your edit to go live once approved by enough people with enough trust in Map Maker. Learn more about how reviewing and the moderation process works here.

  3. My edit was wrongly denied / how do I report a concern about the review process? 
    You may contest a reviewer's denial of your edit using the "I Object" link on your denied edit. You can then select an appropriate reason for objecting to the review and also provide your comments about it. Note that this does not reduce the trust score of the reviewer or editor . You can always click "Try again" to resubmit your edit. Feedback for other mappers edits/reviews can also be provided using the "rate the edit" option. Learn more about feedback to reviewers.

  4. I live in (MyCountry) and am not able to add a place/road/point of interest in Google Map Maker. Why not?

    Google Map Maker is currently open for mapping in over 185 countries and regions. If the country you are trying to map is not on this list, please see the Google Maps help topic on modifying Google Maps. If you wish to request that we open your country/region for mapping in Map Maker, click the star  on this page to be notified when it opens on Map Maker.

  5. How do I change my profile name on Map Maker? Map Maker profile name/ profile photo can be added/changed by following these simple steps:

    • Click the gear icon on the top right hand side of the Map Maker window and select "My Profile"

    • Click "Edit Nickname" or "Edit Photo"

    • Save or Cancel your changes.

  6. How do I request for new imagery in my area? When will latest Google Maps imagery be updated on Map Maker? Use our new imagery request form to place a request. To be notified of when new imagery updates in your area, sign up hereWe don't have a published schedule for imagery updates on Map Maker. Please note that updating Map Maker imagery may cause alignment issues between existing roads and the new imagery.
  7. Why are places & roads in my area misaligned from the satellite imagery? Misalignment of edits usually happen when imagery is updated in an area. You can get these features realigned by going to Issue tracker request, clicking "New Issue", choosing "Misalignment issues" from the Template field and explaining the issue. Please include a link to the area in question.

  8. How can I upload my existing GPS trails or GIS shapefiles into Map Maker?

    While you cannot add your GPS or GIS data directly onto Map Maker, you can use it as a mapping guide using the Overlay tool. This tool allows you to overlay any data that is converted to KML files and hosted publicly accessible online directly onto Map Maker. You can then use this as a tool to guide adding a road, trail, or other point of interest. Learn how to use the Overlay tool here.

  9. I am getting a strange error message in Google Map Maker. How can I report it?  You can report errors and provide feedback on Map Maker using the Submit feedback option located at the top right corner on Map Maker. Do specify the steps that led you to the error message - if any.
  10. How do I get the link to a place/area that I can share with others? If you’d like to discuss a particular place or feature with others, you can get a link to the feature/area by going to that area in Map Maker, right-clicking "Link to this page" (On the top right corner) and selecting "Copy Link Location" (Firefox) or "Copy Shortcut" (Internet Explorer) and paste it.

  11. I see a problem with a feature / place on Google Maps. How do I fix it? Depending on the country, you may be able to either Report a problem or use the Community edits feature on Google Maps to make corrections to points of interest. And of course, you can use Google Map Maker to make corrections in the countries where Map Maker is available.