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Google Map Maker Mapping Challenges

We are excited to kick off 2012 with a whole new round of competitions for mapping your world with Google Map Maker. Create and improve the maps of places you know and love, and possibly win a prize while you're at it.

Map your University 2012 (US and Canada) 

Map Maker Top Contributor Recognition

We recognize our top contributors by displaying their profile names in the lower right corner on Google Map Maker. Once Map Maker contributions are transferred to Google Maps, attribution appears there as well. We've also started featuring the most impressive mappers on the Google Lat Long Blog. In another effort to show our appreciation, we'll be sending out top contributor certificates to our most active mappers.

Previous Challenge Competitions

Map Maker Global Competition (2010)

Our global mapping competition ran December 15, 2009 to January 31, 2010. The competition winner is Wayne Dell Manuel of the Philippines. The $50,000 grand prize donation to UNICEF goes to projects in the Philippines. See the overview of this competition for more details.

Map Maker Latin America Competition (2009)

Our first ever mapping competition ran in Latin America from November 14 through December 15, 2009. We announced the individual, team and city prize winners on January 8, 2010. See the overview of this competition for more details.