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Map Maker Advocates 

By it’s definition, an advocate is someone who publicly supports and promotes something, and this year, we’re realigning the Map Maker Advocates program to embody its very definition. The Advocates program is intended to empower you to dramatically grow the mapping community in your region by hosting Map Maker events called MapUps. This year, we’re really honing in on the aspect of sharing Map Maker with the world, and looking for Advocates who are out there, spreading the word.

Advocate Qualifications
Advocate status is contingent upon hosting at least one Map Maker MapUp through the official Map Maker Program. In addition to meeting the standard MapUp requirements of that program, the MapUp must be in person (not virtual), have at least 20 attendees (but no more than 50), and each attendee must make at least 5 approved edits.

Eligible MapUps that occur within the calendar year (January - December 2013) will award status for the remainder of the same calendar year, and status is cleared at the beginning of the following year. Status is only awarded to one mapper per event - the mapper who initiated and organized the event.

If you’re interested in becoming an Advocate for 2013, check out the MapUp Guidelines for all the information you need to get started.  

2013 Advocates

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