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MapUp Event



Here are the list of activities we have for Mappers.

08:30 AM - Registration

09:01 AM - Opening Program

               - Singing of the Philippine National Anthem
               - Introduction about who we are and why we are here!
10:00 AM - Begin by covering some of the basics of Map Maker and Mapping by Anne Olvido
                 Introduction to MapMaker - 5 minutes
                 How to do edits -15-20 minutes
                 How to moderate - 10-15 minutes
                 Announcement of Competition

11:30 AM - Start Mapping!

12:00 PM - Working Lunch

04:00 PM - Finish Mapping!

04:30 PM - Wrap-up and closing

For more information, please feel free to email us at gdgcebu@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: The program is subject to change without prior notice. For an updated list of the program and details, please ensure to visit this site.