Map This Way for Android

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Map This Way is an Android application that lets you use your GPS equipped Android device as a professional mapping tool suitable for topographic surveys. Through an easy to use interface you may map Locations, Routes, Point of Interest or Polygon areas and keep notes while mapping. Simply, enable your GPS receiver, view the coordinates of your current location and the accuracy of measurements and then start mapping. The mapped data may be exported in popular formats that are compatible with most GIS and mapping software.
Get this sample of a mapped route. It is exported by the application in a KML file also compatible with WMS Map Viewer on line. The application can be used in professional field work in the collection of high quality map data.

The application includes advanced analysis functions, valuable for professional use in GIS.
Routes may be exported as linear features or as a sequence of point features preserving information for mapped point along the route; that is coordinates, accuracy of measurement, data and time.
Polygon areas may be exported as polygon features compatible with modern GIS and any kml viewer. The outline of each polygon may be exported as linear feature measuring its length. The corners (nodes) of the polygon may be exported as point features with the description of each one as special attributes.

Use Map This Way in biking, hiking, trekking, traveling.
Map new paths and new locations to share with friends.
Keep notes from your travels with coordinates, date and time.
Mark points of interest; don't loose your way to them.
View your travels with statistics.
For athletes. Monitor your practice and keep statistics.